Episode 3 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


Hoshimiya Kate, leader of Zvezda, takes aim at smokers in this recent episode of World Conquest Zvezda Plot. While at first it felt like a fairly preachy episode, it soon turned into some silly and witty humor.  Though it may not be enough to put this episode anywhere near the series finer moments.

e3zvezda1Starting the show out, Yasu expresses his dissatisfaction of having to cook instead of taking on the world. Seems as if he doesn’t like the subtle steps their organization is taking. Desiring women at one hand and money in the other. After striking up a cigarette, he and Asuta are shot out of the building in a terribly designed ejection sequence.

We quickly discover that Kate and the rest of the group despise smoking. However that doesn’t stop them from cracking open the ‘war chest’ to dine out. Though this event doesn’t last long as a man nearby requests to smoke which throws Kate into a rage. She’s had enough and decided to put into effect her scheduled plan to wipe out all of the smokers from her soon-to-be conquered world.

As mentioned earlier, this whole first segment felt really preachy. Effects of second-hand smoke, suffering others for selfish desire to drag a cigarette. However it’s at this point that the show flips into something crazy.

Kate’s transformation was finally revealed, changing from her normal outfit into her conqueror outfit. It was too funny seeing the typical magical girl scene, but in fact the entire time Itsuka was just changing her cloths by hand. Following this was our first glimpse of just how normal Asuta is. After seeing everyone utilize some type of technique to stop smokers, he just stands there asking politely for someone to just put it out.

Kate, with her uncanny ability to change the hearts of many, manages to stir up the entire section of the town into ostracizing┬ásmokers. They turn from citizens into underground sects that smoke in the shadows. All smoking locations are bared up and people throw stones at anyone who lights up. It’s almost too silly to take seriously and hilarious how it plays out.

e3zvezda2During the ostracizing, we get a glimpse into Yasu and Garu’s meeting. Garu taking Yasu under his wing. While shallow, we get a feel of why Garu is who he is. Shaking off smoking for chocolate. As well as Garu’s movement to becoming Kate’s soldier. Again, nothing real deep.

Yasu doesn’t understand Garu’s fear of Kate, so he rejects the request to quit smoking and rejoin Zvezda. Instead he joins a final stand with other smokers against Zvezda and the ‘Smoke Busters’. Hilariously enough, Kate’s conquering hand doesn’t penetrate the hearts of the smokers, and all other attempts fail. It’s only until the White Light brigade shows up and drops a ‘Killer Magic Bullet of Death’ on the crowd that things are resolved (confusingly). ┬áThe bullet also reveals that Kate’s conquering hand failed due to the smokers’ lack of souls (a final dose of preachy).

Yasu does have a temporary change of heart just before things are dispatched, but only by recalling the fearful gaze of a destructive and uncontrollable Kate. Which was the gaze he seen the moment Garu became her soldier. A flashback of her standing on top of a pile of men that she supposedly took down.

Good episode overall. It was great to finally see Zvezda at work, especially after a rather tame event in episode 2. Though most of this episode was hindered by the preachy feel. The highlight of the episode was definitely Kate’s transformation sequence.

Episode 3: Hiding behind smoke and mirrors



Decent laughs


  • Silly transformation sequence
  • Ostracizing of smokers was clever


  • Preachy
  • Shallow character development

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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