Episode 4 Impressions: Noragami


Yato is a deadly and dangerous god of war? That’s a definite contrast from the dysfunctional god we have seen in the last 3 episodes. However after more silly nature in episode 4, we catch some really interesting back story and signs of things to come in the later portion.

e4noragami3After bribing Yato with more food, Iki demands once again for Yato to assist in her issue. However Yato begins his usual routine by displaying some trinkets he was swindled into buying. After smashing them up, Iki offers some solid advice to Yato. To stand up and be a proper god for the sake of his new regalia.

After this pep talk, Yato takes Iki to see a friend. This friend ends up being Kofuku Ebisu, who at first pretends to be his girlfriend. After a swift kick to the head, her regalia shows up to dismiss their claim.

After this we get to know Kofuku and her regalia named Daikoku.  Kofuku seems to be an overly open lady that openly accepts people with large amounts of heart.  Daikoku on the other hand is a more serious but half-goof in his own way.  He also seems to have a like for youngsters and offers some solid advice to Yato’s new regalia Yukine.

Out of nowhere, Yato gets yet another call from a possible client, leading himself, Iki, and Yukine off on a chase. Upon arriving at the location, Yato accidentally bumps his client off of the edge of the building. Possibly beginning an earlier than expected suicide leap. During their decent, Yato attempts to discover the source of the jumper’s problems.

e4noragami2I could literally not stop laughing during this entire ordeal. All while falling to certain death, Yato and the man start exchanging business cards and discussing issues. The man explains his love for some younger girl who has paralleled his company going bankrupt. The girl being portrayed has the face of Iki the entire time, much to Iki’s dislike. In the end Yato figures out that the girl of his dream is in fact Kofuku, who is the god of poverty.

Following this ordeal, Yato and companions return to Kofuku to explain the situation. He’s paid for his troubles and leaves the residence. Iki is stopped before leaving to be told that Yato is in fact a dangerous person. That she should be cautious around him. They reveal to her that during times of old, gods took any request to remain relevant and exist.  Including taking human lives.  Which is what Yato did, slaughtering many people as well as killing regalia.

She takes her leave and is met by Yato who tells Iki that if anything happened to him, that she should seek out Kofuku and Daikoku.  Solidifying his trust in the two.  As they walk, they notice a girl sitting before Yukine.  Yato addresses her as Nora and it’s quickly deduced that she is Yato’s regalia.

e4noragami1Quite a whopper of an episode.  After some absolutely hilarious situation with the jumper, we got hit with some dark back story.  First off, Yato being a god of war and murderer of countless people.  Then to top it off we got the appearance of Yato’s past regalia Nora.

Nora was covered in symbols, which can mean multiple things.  We know that Yukine has a single symbol that resonates when he’s called into action.  Does the symbol represent power, weapon form, or just a mark that one is a regalia?  Does Nora having so many mean that she’s absorbed other regalia’s powers or that she has multiple forms?

So many great questions that have me eagerly awaiting the next episode.  This show like a few others this season are getting progressively better with each episode.

Episode 4: Where happiness lies.



Dark Back Story Revealed!


  • Awesome back story
  • Nora’s appearance
  • Tons of possibilities in Nora’s story
  • Hilarious jumper segment


  • None!

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