First Impressions: Recently, My Sister Is Unusual


It’s odd how a show can throw me through so many conclusions in such a short amount of time.  Boredom to interest, to just turning it off.  All within minutes.  It truly caught me off guard, especially with the past record of the director and writer of the show.  If this show is not on your radar, let me explain why it should (or maybe shouldn’t) stay off your radar.

Warning: While I dance around the subject very carefully, I feel it necessary to point out that some descriptions of this (what turned out to be) semi-hentai series may be inappropriate to some readers.

unusual1The show starts off by introducing Mitsuki Kanzaki who is now living with her step brother Yuya Kanzaki. While Yuya seeks to have a peaceful relationship with his new sister, circumstances have befallen Mitsuki that may change that. Unfortunately for her, a spirit named Hiyori has taken a liking to Yuya and doesn’t want Mitsuki to get near him. It seems instead, she has her own plans for him.

I’m a bit puzzled by the direction this show took. At first it seemed like a typical romcom involving two relatives that weren’t blood related. Or possibly dancing the line while throwing out tropes involving their insecurities as siblings.

Then it got interesting. Suddenly Mitsuki takes a fall and the brother saves her. Next thing we know, she’s in the hospital with a seemingly split personality issue. She turned from a quiet rejecting sister-in-law to a sister seeking the love of her brother. Though hopefully nothing more than sibling love.

That’s when the show goes downhill at a rapid pace. Mitsuki discovers she has a chastity belt on. I sighed to myself wondering what was coming next. We then discover why she had such a change of heart towards Yuya. A spirit named Hiyori had possessed her to get closer to Yuya.

unusual2Then came the nail in the coffin for the series. Hiyori, being a spirit, apparently had a deep need to feel what it’s like to be alive again. This in her mind was to be done by possessing Mitsuki and touching herself. The show then changed into censored porn.

Why in the world this show exists is beyond me. Apparently someone somewhere decided that someone out there would enjoy a censored porn series that follows tropes. So with that, this show will go on my drop list. It had some shred of potential with a possible split personality sister-in-law plot, but it’s obvious from the ending and the preview for the next episode that we will be exploring the idea of urination torture for Mitsuki.






  • Censored child hentai
  • Tropish
  • Need I say more?

Anything promising?

  • Had a cute female lead
  • The split personality idea had some potential

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.