First Impressions: Super Sonico The Animation


Super Sonico was created by Nitroplus as a mascot/idol that spans across many media sources including video games, music, manga, and now anime as its own series. It’s a bit much to expect an engaging show from such a linear mascot, however that didn’t stop Super Sonico The Animation from being produced.

sonico2In Super Sonico The Animation, we’re introduced to Sonico who has a bit of an issue with getting to school on time. Even so, her teacher seems to be fine with her tardiness as her knowledge seems to be on the high-end.

Right after school, she rushes to work as an idol performing photo shoots for products (obviously Nintendo in this case). Unfortunately the client seems to have other ideas as they request she wear an obviously inappropriate and unauthorized outfit for a second shoot. That’s when her manager arrives and quickly scolds the client.

Heading off from there, Sonico assists at her grandmother’s restaurant where she’s openly accepted by the customers as a treasured waitress (and cook). However this is quickly ended by a phone call from her friends that she’s in a band with.

Super Sonico has a lot on her plate, giving the show many different avenues to address in her life. However not a single angle seems to have any redeeming aspect to them. Probably the only one remotely interesting is her dealing with clients as an idol, which can be assumed will only be for fan service scenarios.

It’s in this element that Super Sonico The Animation falls flat. As every scene and situation seems to be in place only for the sake of bringing in the viewers for fan service and cuteness.

sonico1The animation is relatively solid. Character art and environments seem well put together. However Sonico herself as a character just doesn’t suit my taste personally. Overly sized proportions were simply designed for the sake of selling products with chest measurements, not style. Not to mention the odd factor of her headset being a part of her body from birth.

Overall the show has little to offer than fan service and some sprinkled cute moments. No comedy, plot, character development, or likable characters makes for a very boring experience overall. As a side note, Sonico here looks a lot like Yuna from The Future Diary. You’re welcome for that planted image.






  • Obvious fan service
  • Few redeeming qualities
  • Unfocused world

Anything promising?

  • Cute characters
  • Cute moments

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.