First Impressions: Witch Craft Works


When looking at anything involving this show, probably the first thing you’ll notice is Ayaka Kagari.  She is a large chested, big stature girl.  Most people will probably be immediately turned off by this and kill any interest in the show.  However the old saying comes to mind: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Honoka Takamiya is a student who has no real talents. He sits near a girl in school named Ayaka Kagari, whom everyone looks up to and has called ‘Princess’.  The two of them have almost no interaction but she’s kind enough to pick up an eraser that he drops in class.  Though shortly afterwards he’s beat to a pulp by her many adoring fans for taking advantage of her kindness.

witchcraftworks1Needless to say these two have they’re destinies intertwined as Honoka Takamiya is attacked by an unknown source. He finds out that Ayaka Kagari has been guarding him from the outside so that he could have a normal life as long as possible. Now he finds himself thrown into the world of magic.

At face value I could agree that this could end up going the route of fanservice and become a terrible show.  Which is not entirely out of the question.  I have seen plenty of shows that I was excited for do just that.  I personally just don’t care for it when it gets to the point of losing any other value.

I was first introduced to Witch Craft Works with the manga.  So imagine my excitement to see it getting an anime adaptation.  From reading the manga, I can say that the fanservice was light if any.  The story was fast paced so the insertion of it would be difficult.  It’s also important to note that anime is typically very honest so if it will indeed be full of fanservice, it would be in the first episode.  So I’m a bit relieved after watching.

It’s hard to judge this show without drawing on my knowledge of the manga.  As it stands now, I personally feel that the artwork is a little weak and the animations could be better.  This show should shine during battle sequences.  After seeing the first episode which included a horde of bunny dolls, I was a bit disappointed to see the heavy use of CG.  It was a bit off-putting but not unexpected to me.  I only hope this is not a trend for the whole season.

Overall I’m eagerly awaiting the next episode so I can see if this show will truly start to shine.  As I pointed out, this should be a fast paced show with very little room for fluff.  The world that will be built should be an interesting one although not very deep.  I recommend checking it out despite.






  • Interesting plot
  • Seems to be staying true to the manga
  • Decent art and animation


  • Fanservice a possibility
  • Relied on CG for first episode

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.