First Impressions: Wizard Barristers


What an incredible start to possibly the most promising series of the season.  While the past work of director Yasuomi Umetsu (Kite, Galilei Donna) may create doubt, writer Michiko Itou (Scientific Railgun, S.A.) still has plenty to create anticipation. With that first episode, hopes are high.

wizardb6Opening the show, we’re thrown right into the middle of a battle between man and wizard. A criminal has broken the magical code by using his magic against humans. After a blazing battle that caused the death of many, he’s apprehended and thrown before the magical court.

Set in a future Tokyo, human and wizards live side by side. While the police still uphold the law, wizards are put before a magical court specifically for their sentencing in the case of laws being broken. For this wizard, he was immediately sentenced to death.

There is however more to the world, one aspect being the wizard barristers. An agency that deals specifically with defending wizards in the magical court. That is the new job of our protagonist Cecile Sudo. A 17-year-old wizard with amazing ability in magic as well as knowledge. With her skills, she is hired to be the youngest barrister yet.

No sooner that she’s heading to her first day of work at Butterfly Law Offices, she encounters her first client and quickly moves to being his agent. While she faced some heat for her actions, she is allowed to lead the case regardless. The defendant in question was wrongfully charged as a wizard using his magic against others. However he was merely defending against bank robbers.

wizardb5The storytelling so far is fantastic. Addressing each point that needs to be addressed while not overwhelming the viewer. The stage was set, world created, and it felt believable (despite magic). Best of all it feels unique, gritty, and interesting.

I’m really enjoying Cecile as a character. Both adorable and naive at the same time. Though the placement of her familiar frog does seem off-putting, seemingly in place to create for perverted moments. However the show surprisingly (even with the director’s past) seems to steer away from fan service. Which is great, leaving a more serious tone in place.

Visually Arms studio delivers. With fantastic use of CG that meshes well with the animated world. The colors and motion are smooth and detailed. Even the magic has a style that fits the world and looks gorgeous. Only case in which I was disappointed was in the large size mecha familiars that were summoned on 2 occasions. They stood out like a sore thumb and took from the experience a little. As if they didn’t fit.

wizardb7My second complaint was in the character designs. Some are just goofy looking. Which I can follow as a vision of this future world, but still some characters (including Cecile) have oddly shaped heads and hair that just doesn’t fit their head size. Complaints in visual design side, the show still looks amazing. I just hope they didn’t blow their budget and the show takes a decline.

Overall the show looks, feels, and tells its story with fantastic levels. I can’t wait to see more and hope they can keep the pace going at the rate that they started it. Still many unanswered questions like Cecile’s mother are in play, so interest is being sprinkled in.






  • Great world
  • Amazing animation
  • Unique plot


  • Still fear fanservice breaking it
  • Might have drawn out court cases

First Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.