Galilei Donna Review


From the outset, one could probably not expect much from Galilei Donna. Directed by Yasuomi Umetsu who is only really known for his animation work and his directing role of Kite. It may even be enough to scare off many potential viewers. However giving each show its chance, we dive into this series and give you the lowdown on what to expect!

galilei2Hozuki, Kazuki, and Hazuki Ferrari are descendants of a the famous historical scientist Galileo Galilei. Galileo left behind an ancient artifact that could be the key to unlocking an alternative energy source. So it’s up to the Ferrari sisters to find sketches that lead to the artifact left by Galileo. At the same time, a major global corporation as well as pirates want it to serve their own purposes. Which may be the shows only interesting element.

The show seems to fight hard to be thematically about a family coming together for the protection of one another. While at the same time, it has a slight undertone of big corporations running the world into the ground for the sake of profit.

One of the biggest faults in the show itself is its sheer lack of explanation. Right off the bat, you find the Ferrari sisters being attacked by a large corporation in an attempt to abduct them. After a series of events you finally learn of the significance of the sisters in an off topic discussion. It’s not until you’re far into the show that it’s revealed that they are being hunted. It all gets lost in the show’s attempt to be heavy on action.

The show gets no aid from characters as well. Out of all of the characters, only one of them is semi-interesting. Due in part by the fact that she’s a “smart loli” archetype. None of the remaining characters have much personality and the interactions between them are shallow at best. I could give this fault a pass if they would have developed as the story progressed. The show fails to connect them with you. To the point that if the main antagonist had killed them off, I would be perfectly fine with that.

Between artwork and animation, these are about the only thing that this show has going for it. There’s a mixture of smooth animation and CG while never seeming to result to the use of stills. All the character art was honestly easy on the eyes and plenty of good atmospheres. By no means is it exceptional, just above average. Like I said, this is all the show has going for it.

Galilei Donna is a show that feels horribly incomplete. The world was underdeveloped and the characters are equally as worst off. Even with the possibility of incidental time travel, which felt way out-of-place. The use of time travel was used as an attempt to develop a character, but honestly changed nothing outside of giving her a love interest and partially explaining the sketches. This show is honestly a waste of time. The only thing I can give it favor is in the decent artwork and strong premise. Unfortunately nothing else works.

VERDICT: 2 / 5


  • Decent artwork
  • Good premise


  • Poor character writing
  • Shallow plot
  • Underdeveloped world