I Couldn’t Become a Hero Review


“I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job” is quite a title, however nothing too surprising in the realm of anime. What is surprising is how an anime with such a fantastic concept can fall so short of its potential. Let’s get into that and more as we examine this series.

hero1Raul Chaser had dreams of becoming a hero. Fighting demons and taking down the demon lord just like many others. However even before he could become an honorary hero, the demon lord was killed and all of the heroes of the world were made unemployed. Some got jobs as bodyguards or something more noble, however Raul became a store clerk at a magic appliance shop.

He took his days one at a time, wishing still that he could be a hero, until one day the store got a new employee. Fino Bloodstone, who turned out to be the demon lord’s very daughter. Seeking to live a life free from becoming the next demon lord, Fino instead decided to enter the human realm and become something else.

It’s this chemistry that makes the show stand out. From the start, I had many laugh out loud moments enjoying the idea of a hero reject training a demon lord potential. Just seeing Fino attempt to sell a product and explain how it looks like blood was just classic. While this chemistry is great at first, later it dwindles away and becomes less about that aspect and more about its flaws.

Flaws being in the fan service. Let me start by clarifying, while I don’t care for fan service I can tolerate it. However this show takes it too far on multiple occasions. Often to distasteful humor that comes across and just rude or demeaning.  With Kinji Yoshimoto (director of Unbreakable Machine Doll and Queen’s Blade) paired with Masashi Suzuki (writer of KissXSis), I guess it’s no wonder the crude fan service here.  Like the old classic blob monster exploding into sticky substances all over women that lay in suggestive ways.

hero2It’s also the issue that this fan service becomes the focus of the show, killing any and all hope for a decent story.  It had a great foundation, almost the feel of war veterans having to re-sync with normal everyday life.  Then coupling that with a guy having to teach a demon lord how to be a store clerk.  It has gold written all over it.  However it never does anything with it, instead it designs itself around opportunities for more fan service.

This is where this series falls even deeper into a point of no return.  Starting out, the show has a very simple and slightly sloppy style to it.  However it’s decent enough.  Fino’s character design at points even looks cute.  However the show takes a real bad turn over time.  The animation and character designs start getting more and more sloppy.  Around the 10th episode, the show turns into absolute garbage.  Animations and artwork turn into complete amateur work.  Leaving the show with no redeeming qualities at the end of it.

This series has a few moments of good interactions and comedy, especially Fino’s laugh.  However it’s destroyed by a bad directing looking to cash in on fan service.  Distasteful and crude humor at that.  It takes a great plot concept and never builds on it.  Leaving a shattered and terrible show that should be avoided.

VERDICT: 2 / 5


  • Some funny moments
  • Good starting concept
  • Fino has a great laugh


  • Missed story opportunity
  • Excessive and distasteful fanservice
  • Terrible animation and style
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