Episode 4 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


In the previous World Conquest Zvezda Plot, it was very obvious that it was a half attempt at fleshing out Yasu and Garu.  This time around Natasha and Roboko are up on the examination table.  It seems to be an ongoing theme for these early episodes, fleshing out characters.  While episode 3 had a funny side plot with crummy character backstory, episode 4 had a crummy side plot with decent character backstory.

e4zvezda14Opening the episode, Asuta is continuing to feed the band of Zvezda.  After discovering that Roboko does not eat cooked udo, Kate commands him to enter the growing facility to get some more.  After arriving, the power cuts out and all of the udo wither almost instantly.  Turns out the entire West Udogawa is powered by an udo power plant and for some reason, the Udo Mother Root is withering.  Kate dispatches Natasha and Asuta to accompany her to find the root and solve the mystery of its dying fate.

While traveling to the root, Kate falls asleep due to her afternoon nap so Asuta is left to carry her.  However this does give Asuta plenty of time to get to know Natasha better.  Turns out she was quite the genius as a child, building robots when she was old enough to hold a screw driver.  This left her as an outcast as most kids feared her weird nature.  Her mother always told her stories of fairies and non-scientific things to which Natasha always dismissed.

One day, while Natasha was still very young, she was dragged from home by her parents to go to a ‘place she’d be happy’ and a ‘place with fairies’.  As described by her memory, they traveled down a dark tunnel until ultimately her parents disappeared and she was left alone.  In this darkness she found Roboko who took care of her.  Somehow, she also eventually found Kate who offered to bring her along to conquer the world.

Back at the present time, the team finds the udo root and attempt to give it pollen, however they are quickly interrupted by a band of robots that were described by Kate as “the fear of humans.”  Natasha stands guard while Kate and Asuta reach the pollen.  While battling, Natasha hears her parents from within the mob of robots.  Almost giving up, Roboko shows up and tackles the group.

e4zvezda5Once the pollen is released, Roboko delivers a fatal explosion of energy and saves the team.  While the root was shattered, a whole new root came forth from the ground. When questioned how Roboko was able to move, it turns out she managed to fight her fear of cooked udo and ate Asuta’s cooking.

Sadly this episode didn’t offer much of anything appealing.  A rather terrible side plot that gave me zero to laugh at.  I did find Natasha’s backstory slightly sad and heartwarming, but that was mainly because she was quite an adorable character.  That’s not to say it was deep in any way.

That leaves us with just Itsuka if we’re going to continue this whole backstory thing.  However the preview showed nothing but the White Light brigade, so perhaps we’ll get some more of Asuta’s classmate involved instead.  Either way, I just hope things pick up because the last two episodes have been very lackluster.

Episode 4: Udo’s in the Cold Ground



Lackluster Episode


  • Decently cute backstory
  • JRPG tropes


  • Another weak backstory
  • Boring side plot
  • No laughs

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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