Episode 5 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


It’s summer time in the world of Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. As temperatures rise, so do tensions as new bonds are formed that make way for new conflicts. As the trio of Inari, Keiko, and Chika bring in a new member Akemi, not everyone is so keen on the idea.

e5konkon7The band of friends take a quick trip to the beach to beat the summer heat. Which is a new experience for Akemi as she hasn’t been the most outgoing girl despite her attractive appearance. She’s quickly struck with new experiences as Inari’s parents welcome her with open arms to her new venture into vacationing.

When they arrive at the beach, Akemi and Keiko’s attractive figures attract some beach ‘studs’ that are quickly shut down by Keiko’s frightful counters. Since Keiko is oddly unable to swim, she hangs with Akemi under an umbrella.

When Keiko questions Akemi on why she chooses not to go out into the water with the others, it’s revealed that her and Chika do not seem to get along very well. This is mirrored when Chika tells Inari that she doesn’t mesh well with Akemi.

Later that night while staying at a cabin, the tension ramps up as the room is rather quiet. Akemi goes out for drinks while Inari and Chika strike up an argument about the trio including Akemi. Turns out Chika doesn’t want anything to do with Akemi, which causes Inari to storm out of the cabin.

e5konkon11Outside, Akemi encounters one of the beach studs once again and Inari transforms into Keiko to scare the man off again. While back at the cabin, Chika reveals to Keiko that the reason she fears Akemi so much is that she doesn’t want to be pushed out of their friendship. That she may become the odd one in the bunch. Keiko assures her that Inari would never let that happen and that if Chika can befriend her (Keiko), she can befriend anyone. Thinking on how hard Keiko is to deal with, Chika suddenly realizes Akemi is a good person.

After realizing that she’s still Keiko, Inari rushes into the woods to transform back as herself. Lying that Keiko went back to the cabin alone. As Inari and Akemi are alone, Akemi breaks down into a rut of doubt as she feels she’ll never make friends. She feels she’s not becoming Keiko’s friend as Keiko always talks about Inari when they are alone.

As Akemi states that she wishes she was Inari and able to make friends, Inari realizes the contrast of when she wanted to be Akemi. This troubling moment causes a reaction in Inari’s deity powers and a dark aura similar to that which was released at the welcoming party wraps around her. At the same time, back at the shrine, Uka is struck with a terrible weakness once again.

e5konkon13CLIFF HANGER! Oye, what an episode. While the beginning was rather slow and uneventful, it did well to develop Akemi as a character. Her fears and doubts of making friends became front and center. Along with her very secluded past. Inari once again brings a smile to my face as she struggles to make everyone happy. ¬†We also see how Chika was once a shutout, but Inari’s loving nature gave her attention when others wouldn’t. It’s a true testimony to how much I adore these characters that even in a rather slow episode, I’m captivated by the heart of it.

When Inari’s powers started overflowing I started to think Akemi was going to transform into Inari, but those thoughts dropped once I realized the flow of power was similar to when she used her powers at the deity welcoming party and it went out of control. I’m curious as to if Inari was responding to Akemi’s wish to be her, and she may be able to grant wishes now, or if it’s just an overflow of emotions causing her powers to become uncontrollable.

The way it’s presented, it seems more likely she’s going to grant her wish. Akemi as Inari will be crazy! Either way, it was a nasty cliffhanger and I sooooo can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen.

Episode 5: Jellyfish, Friends, Summer Storm





  • Lots of heart
  • Insane cliffhanger
  • Akemi turns into Inari?!
  • Non-Fanservicey beach episode


  • Rather slow start

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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