Episode 5 Impressions: Noragami


In past episodes we got a clear picture of Yato’s past and a possibility of his darker and more serious side.  While he may be more easy-going and often quite comical, at his core he is still a god and one that has killed in the past.  Moving forward we get a clear perspective of his new Regalia and the start of something that Iki herself may not want to see.

e5noragami11Starting out the episode we find ourselves watching a training session.  After praising Yukine’s work in severing a link in their previous job, Yato teaches Yukine how to cast a borderline spell that prevents phantoms from crossing.  Similarly to the previous display of inherit skill, Yukine pulls off the spell flawlessly.  After Iki asks if she can create a borderline, Yato explains that only Regalia can cast such spells.  Iki questions if Nora is also Yato’s Regalia to which he comically replies that she’s a “friend with benefits.”

Following Yato’s comments, Iki insists on taking care of Yukine due to Yato’s shady living conditions.  Though Yato dislikes this idea due to their connection.  Explaining that any time Yukine has ‘dirty thoughts’ he’s struck with pain.  Living together would be disastrous.  But after the choice is given to Yukine, he easily accepts Iki’s offer.

At Iki’s home, which is huge, Iki offers her brother’s room for Yukine to stay in.  While heading downstairs, her parents arrive home with Yato following in behind with an absolute trollish face on.  Though at first it doesn’t seem clear if the parents know Yato is there, it becomes obvious when he’s pillaging the fridge like a mischievous cat that they can not.

Alone with Yato, Iki learns that Yukine does not favor the dark and may become pray to phantoms.  They’ve been staying the night at shrines to avoid phantoms that prowl in the dark.  While they don’t fall victim to phantoms, Yukine ends up waking Iki in the night due to the lights being cut off.  Iki offers Yukine to sleep in her bed with the light on which leads quickly to Yato snatching him away before he could do anything improper.  Outside the room, Yukine expresses his fear of becoming discarded due to Nora’s return.

e5noragami4The next day, after scolding Yukine for ‘borrowing’ a skate board from a shop, Yukine flees from Iki and Yato’s sight.  While searching for Yukine, Yato explains the connection between Regalia and their master.  They feel each other’s pains and desires, but gods can not feel their sinful desires.  Instead they feel pain.  This is how gods learn right from wrong, but Yato is quick to explain that gods do not have to follow the laws man creates.  That he can harm or kill if he chooses.  He then explains that one day he will have to punish Yukine, or deliver ‘divine punishment’.  Iki immediately recalls what she was told about Yato killing a Regalia.

While alone, Yukine stumbles upon the spirit of a girl who had been killed in a hit and run.  Later while sitting at a park bench, Yukine expresses that the mother the girl was waiting for may never come.  This sends her running into the arms of a group of phantoms and becoming possessed.  Yato arrives to rescue Yukine, but explains that she is now corrupt and cannot be saved.  With a denying spirit, Yukine is forced to sever the possessed girl and destroy her spirit.  Yato drops Yukine’s sword and covers his neck in pain.

e5noragami5A very awesome episode overall.  It had drama, humor, and powerful character development.  Yato trolling Iki in her own house had me laughing non stop, especially that silly face he wore when he first entered.  On the flip side, the information Yato spilled on Iki about Regalia’s teaching gods right from wrong was interesting and also very dark.  Since he revealed he will have to punish Yukine.  How this will unfold still remains to be seen.

I also enjoyed the short moment in which Yukine learned some harsh realities.  I’m curious to see the fallout of having to sever the spirit of the girl beyond his control.  It was obvious from Yato’s pain strike afterwards that Yukine had a sinful thought against his actions.  Perhaps hatred alone.

We had a short glimpse at the gun-toting girl at some point in the show, though very brief to even mention.  It’s obvious she has some sort of reason to go after Yato, as she was told that he was in action that night.  Perhaps she has some sort of connection to his actions in the past and taking many lives.  We’ll have to wait and see, but her lion was pretty epic!

Episode 5: Borderline





  • Great character development
  • Solid laughs
  • Tragic conclusion
  • More dark side of Yato


  • None

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  • By Neowned, February 7, 2014 @ 5:16 pm

    Gotta love your seleciton of video snapshots, some of the best moments captured. Now if I only wasnt busy enough I would make some GIF’s.

    Im still curious about Yukine’s backstory, which I am sure will come along hand in hand with Yato’s, since they are linked. Great summary.

  • By Zeruel, February 7, 2014 @ 6:02 pm

    Gotta love that Yato troll face! Classic. I’m really interested in Nora and her story. Figure the show will get real dark when they start messing with that stuff.

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