Episode 5 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


Sadly it was inevitable.  As with all anime series these days, The Pilot’s Love Song manages to get in its typical swimsuit episode.  However thankfully it was very brief and in fact the primary focus in this episode was to tell the story of Nina Viento.  To top it off, things finally get truly serious in the present time.

e5pilot9Four months after Isla left Balsteros Republic, the island is nearing the Holy Spring.  The recruits at the Aerial Academy are getting more and more skilled.  Though their trainers aren’t heartless enough to let summer go to waste, nor will the writers allow a show to not feature a beach episode.  Well, rather a lakeside episode.

Following a swimming exercise, the recruits take a break from their rigorous training. Taking the opportunity to camp out and have some joy and laughs.  Kal-el and Claire have a close and personal moment after she accidentally trips and they fall on top of each other, though their close encounter is cut short when someone arrives to lead them back to camp.  Ari-el manages to bring her partner into the camp for a brief moment even though he desired as usual to stay away from the group.

As the entire event comes to a close, we get a brief view of Kal-el’s back story once again.  Some gentlemen came to Kal-el and his father to explain that a small group of the new government knew Kal-el was still alive.  While Kal-el knew he’d become a political tool, the gentlemen suggested he partake in the Isla Project.  Which they knew Nina Viento was going to govern.

It’s not clear who these gentlemen are though the father believes they just want to exile Kal-el to the End of the Sky.  However they may also be an opposing faction seeking to get Kal-el to exact his revenge.  As we get a brief view of a commanding room, it’s clear from the comments made by the leadership that they have no home to return to as they have been apparently abandoned by their home country.  Nina Viento thinks to herself as being discarded and no longer needed as well.

e5pilot5Backing up 9 years in the past, Claire explains her story in the outskirts of Balsteros.  She was always treated as a witch due to her ability to control wind and even her mother abandoned her to a moneylender for money.  However as she’s being carried away and insulted by crowds of people, her power becomes overwhelming with her emotions and she destroys the village with a gigantic tornado.

This is when the rebellion took in Claire as Nina Viento.  While Balsteros was already at the verge of destruction, she became the trump card that would lead to its fall 3 years later.  Though it was the moment that she seen Kal-el’s face in great defiance that she realized the sins of her actions.  It was at this time that she was set aside, reclaiming the name given to her by her mother, Claire Cruz.  Though she was called back into action when it came to the launching of the Isla.

Back at the present time, Claire struggles with the fact that Kal-el could indeed be the living prince.  As the class starts paintball based dog fight training, this issue causes her to struggle with their combat.  While Kal-el doesn’t know what troubles her, he manages to rekindle her spirit by his desire to keep flying as her partner.

Just as they manage to win their first dogfight, off in the distance Aerial troops are being shot out of the sky by unknown aircrafts.  In the command center they are labeled as possibly the Sky Clan, guardians of the Holy Spring as told by the Myth of Saint Aldista.  War has begun.

e5pilot3While I dreaded the fact that the series had its typical swimsuit segment, I was very pleased to see it not last but a fraction of the episode. It also didn’t feel too over the top and was actually natural feeling. Students just getting a brief free moment from their training. There wasn’t over played flaunting and staring eyes, just more natural fun. Though I wasn’t quite sure why they were cooking and gathering wood in their swimsuits.

But enough of that! The real gem here was in fact the telling of Clair’s story. While somewhat typical of a magic gifted child, it didn’t kill the point that her past was pretty messed up. It gave us a clear reason of why she was who she was. However it still remains unclear how the Claire personality lives outside her Nina Viento personality.

Hopefully that’s made clear later, but I’m starting to see it just becoming a plot hole. It’s clear how Nina Viento was created; tragedy, pain, and being a tool. But at what point was Claire created? Was it just bottled up from her childhood never to be touched until experiencing the feel of flight and meeting Kal-el?

I’m also dreading how they will play out Kal-el figuring out who Claire is. I’m assuming she will have to use her power to save Kal-el, but I hope it’s not that typical. The world and characters have been rather interesting and unique, I hope that plays into their handling of this factor as well.

Episode 5: The Girl Who Calls The Wind





  • Swimsuit segment was brief
  • Claire’s story
  • Great visual pieces


  • The obligatory swimsuit episode

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