Episode 5 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


It seems Cecile’s dealings with the Shark Knight Offices are not over as an employee from the firm is charged with murder.  Kujira Shibuki is under suspicion of murder after a fight nearly broke out at the victim’s bowling alley.  The head of the Shark Knight Offices enlists Cecile in recognition of her skills and Seseri assigns Kiri-jii to work as her partner.

e5barristers2Kujira claims his innocence in that all he did after leaving the restaurant to return to the bowling alley was to use words of persuasion to make him dance naked.  After that, he claims he left.  After interviewing many witnesses, Cecile fears they won’t find the evidence they need to clear his name.  On the other hand, Kiri-jii in his typical carefree attitude claims they should take their time.

We get a quick glimpse inside the dark organization that has been attacking Cecile.  The leader of the gathering Makusu claims that they must not forget the suffering they have endured under the hands of humans, nor the betrayal of the Labone.  After one follower asks about the wizard mentioned in the Grimoire 365, Makusu confirms that Cecile has awaken many powers already and the time foretold is soon to arrive.

Unfortunately due to the lack of physical evidence, Kujira receives his indictment.  Much to the dislike of both the Shark Knight Offices and Kujira himself.  While Cecile blames this on Kiri-jii’s slacking off and slow pace, Seseri denies her a change of partner.  Cecile also gets a verbal assaulting from Natsuna who finds her attitude towards Kiri-jii unwarranted because he’s able to see things others don’t.

e5barristers7Turns out Natsuna was right.  Kiri-jii arrives with an old schedule from the dumpsters at the bowling alley.  An employee named Suzui had been lying to them about their not speaking even though their schedules matched to a T.

While questioning Suzui, Kiri-jii uses a simple hallucination spell on Suzui before being told nothing to help the case.  After following Suzui into the woods, Kiri-jii confronts Suzui in the appearance of the manager.  Causing Suzui to reveal the murder weapon and confess the murder.  That in fact Suzui and the manager were thieves that were having a falling out.  All recorded by Cecile from a distance.

This evidence clears Kujira of the murder charges, but not before the prosecution calls into question Kiri-jii’s possible use of magic to manipulate the murderer.  When questioned about the use of magic, Kiri-jii ponders and then falls over on the courtroom floor.

Unfortunately Cecile seems to be the only one that doesn’t know that Kiri-jii always fakes a collapse during trials when they seem to be going bad.  As a way to force the trial to close on its decision.  We see Kiri-jii later dancing to a pair of headphones and walking the moonwalk.

e5barristers0A decent episode overall.  It seemed to be an obvious case to show the skills of Kiri-jii and nothing more.  While he’s extremely lazy at face value, he has a great deal of skill in seeing things others may overlook.  I did however get a kick out of his faked stroke in the middle of the courtroom.  Typical old man!

Unfortunately it seems that with the large cast that Wizard Barristers has, they have chosen to take a difficult route of introducing each one with their own case.  This seems rather lazy and could be done better by getting tid bits covered over time.  While I’m not against the idea, it does feel off-putting at the same time to divulge each character in a single dump on an episode for each one.  With such a large cast and only 12 episodes, this could eventually absorb the entire series.

Episode 5: Six Nine





  • Kiri-jii’s skills shown off
  • Solid case
  • More insight into the dark organization


  • Turning into episodic character reveals

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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