Episode 6 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


In the previous episode we were left with a fairly big cliff hanger as Inari’s powers became uncontrollable. Her emotions spun out of control as her desires to help her friend Akemi manifested her deity powers. At the same time Akemi confessed her desire to be Inari. It was a recipe for a body swap scenario in the making.

It was in the moment of realizing that she could truly grant Akemi her wish of becoming Inari that she instead realized the parallel’s to her situation. Inari knew by experience that becoming someone else would not solve a thing, because she once became Akemi. It was in this realization that Inari calmed her deity powers and instead put words to use instead of granting a wish.

e6konkon11She knew she could relate to Akemi, and instead told her how much they were alike and how much she wanted to be her as well. This calmed Akemi down once she realized how similar they were. In no time at all, Inari’s powers subsided and they returned to the cabin. Though outside the cabin, Maru and Keiko meet them and exchange apologies. Maru even going so far as to allow Akemi to call her Maru-chan.

That same night, Touka is heading home from the store and encounters Uka. While Touka remains very cold to Uka’s interest, he allows her to visit his home the following day to play video games. Though to her, this means the crack of dawn. Even still, they play games together for quite some time.

As Touka gets fed up with the game he returns to his writing, leaving Uka to search his room for photo albums much to Touka’s disapproval. It’s in this exchange that we get a clearer picture of Uka and Touka’s bond. More so, Uka’s realization of the speed of human growth as she marvels at his hands. She recalls a moment when Touka was a child and lost in the shrine. ┬áTo help him, she transformed into a human to guide him back home safely.

The following day during a cookout, Inari and Maru talk of the coming festival. After Akemi inquires on joining them, they quickly agree. Afterwards while witnessing Keiko beating Inari’s father at badminton, Akemi confesses to Inari and Maru that she’s in love with Keiko. While she fears this may be weird, Maru in her Yuri/Yaoi writing personality openly accepts this idea.

e6konkon12Returning home, Inari gets to tell Uka of the great time she had on her vacation. Showing her pictures and telling her of Akemi’s acceptance into the group. Though when she recalls her near use of powers, she decides not to worry Uka and instead hides it from her.

As usual, there’s so many heart-filled and happy feelings spewing out of this show. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get a body swap scenario as I felt the show could have done some fun stuff with it. However the use of Inari’s past experience to justify not using the deity powers was the furthest from my mind and worked out great. In the end the resolution of conflicts was well written and brought a smile to my face.

I’m also still enjoying the connection between Touka and Uka. There’s really something special there that I can’t quite explain, but with Uka’s big heart and her desire to express that to Touka is such an interesting side. I almost want to predict that she will eventually give up her deity to become human just to experience the human life in first person.

I think the only element in this episode and the show in general that I’m not caring for is the love focus from Akemi. I’m not sure if the writers were just wanting to appeal to Yuri fans, but with everything else in the show so perfect, I just don’t see what this is adding to anything. I’m fine with them exploring it, but without any reason behind it, it just feels forced and useless to the situation. I think we’ve seen more slow motion Keiko and dreamy-eyed Akemi than slow motion Koji and dreamy-eyed Inari. I just hope we don’t get an awkward Sakura Trick thing going.

Episode 6: Touka, Mistress Uka, A Woman in Love



Solid Episode


  • So many happies
  • More Uka development
  • Good resolutions


  • Didn’t go body swap route
  • Yuri focus

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  • By Neowned, February 26, 2014 @ 12:38 pm

    Well I finally got a chance to put this in the rotation and caught up to episode 6 and glad I did. I am right there with you as far as the Touka and Ukas current status. I am now far more interested to see how their paths intertwine now than I was ever with Inari and Koji. Why can he see her as well? Was it because she held his hand when he was lost?

  • By Zeruel, February 26, 2014 @ 8:24 pm

    There’s been two flashbacks involving Touka and Uka. The first was when he was looking for Inari, seen Uka, and ran away afraid. The second was when she transformed into a human and walked him home. Sadly it doesn’t point out when either took place but I can assume it was in that order due to her transforming specifically not to scare him. If that’s the case, then he was able to see her naturally. Perhaps it’s due to his imagination he employs with his writing? Not sure.

    That said, glad to see Episode 7 explores them as a couple more!

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