Episode 6 Impressions: Noragami


After past events, things are not looking up for the relationship between Yato and his new Regalia Yukine.  Being forced to kill a corrupted spirit coupled with the fear of being unneeded due to Nora’s return leaves Yukine with a heavy burden of doubt.

e6noragami3After a lapse of fear, Yukine flees from Iki’s household and goes on a joyride with a stolen skateboard.  After Yato finds him, Iki covers for Yukine by claiming that she had bought it for him.  Though it’s assumed with their connection, Yato can see right through the lies.

Though the corrections go unfinished as a god appears before them to take her revenge on Yato.  Bishamon, described as the strongest god of war Yato knows, draws her weapon in a heat of vengeance.  Turns out the Regalia that Yato killed in days past was in fact Bishamon’s.

Riding a lion, Bishamon is quite the opponent.  According to Yato, everything she wears and yields is a Regalia.  From her whip, to her gun, the lion she rides, and even the belt around her waist.  She even has brilliant tactical Regalia that takes the form of an earring on her ear.

While fleeing, Yato reveals to Yukine as to why he’s exhausted.  Turns out his non stop sinful thoughts has struck him with endless pain.  Though this doesn’t stop him from taking his last remaining energy in a head to head battle with Bishamon.

e6noragami6Iki on the other hand recalls Yato’s statement of going to Kofuku in case something happens to him.  While Kofuku and Daikoku feel the battle is inevitable, Iki’s pleas cause them to consider helping.  Through the use of Iki’s uncanny ability to recall the familiar scents of gods, they rush towards the battlefield.

After some heavy blows are exchange between Yato and Bishamon, Kofuku arrives and uses her powers to rip a hole in the crust, opening a gateway of spirits to pour out of the earth.  A bit over the top, causing each side to consider fleeing.  Though not before Bishamon’s lion takes a bite into Yato’s arm nearly sealing his fate.

Nora from a distance casts a binding spell on the lion, allowing Yato to slash its eye.  When Bishamon readies her counter, her Regalia Kazuma demands her retreat in fear of becoming blighted by the spirits pouring from the earth.  Bishamon finally agrees, but before she leaves she tells Yato to avoid getting anymore blight upon him.  Referring to his neck where Yukine’s sinful actions have caused pain.

Alone at a shrine after the battle, Yato realizes that he’s unable to cleanse the blight caused by Yukine.  He considers that things may not work out between them after all.  No sooner does he realize this than Nora appears to offer her services once again.

e6noragami0A very powerful episode.  I wasn’t sure I was going to care for Bishamon, but she’s turning out to be a very solid character in the plot itself.  Her insane arsenal of Regalia is quite impressive and I have a thing for lions!

I got a kick out of Kofuku’s insane power showcase as well.  A bit of an overkill to the situation but rather fitting to her silly personality.  While it gave way for an out to the battle at hand, it was still pretty awesome.

I’m excited to see more of this conflict between Yukine and Yato.  Will he disregard Yukine’s tragic circumstances and throw him away, or will he stick it through?  On the other hand will he finally take Nora up on her offer in order to be able to fight Bishamon?

The other question that presented itself in this episode was if his killing of Bishamon’s Regalia may have been warranted.  I only ask this because Bishamon’s Regalia Kazuma bowed in respect to Yato.  Just a battle respect or is it possible he knows what Yato did was correct?  Either way, the scene was powerful.

I can’t say enough, this show has so many great aspects to it.  It made us connect to a silly god with no real potential to him, then slowly sprinkled in dark elements that changed our perspective.  Ultimately to the point that I’m absolutely rooting for Nora’s epic return.  I about jumped out of my seat when I seen Nora enter the battlefield.

Episode 6: Scary Person





  • Nora in action
  • Powerful scenes
  • Kofuku’s crazy power


  • None

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