Episode 6 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


It’s Tsunomi’s turn up to bat as Wizard Barristers continues its episodic character trend.  We get to know the often hidden character a bit more as well as get a small taste of Moyo’s mysterious side.  Then there’s the ongoing case of Quinn’s partner Shizuma.

Cecile has a lot to answer for in front of her superiors at the Butterfly Law Offices.  Seems her excessive use of magic is costing the firm quite a bit of money (enough to buy a car).  Like the old saying goes, with power comes responsibility.  And so does registering those powers when they are manifested.

e6barristers5As Cecile leaves work, Tsunomi confronts her to hang out the next day.  Handing her a bag before marching off.  Though their plans are cut short when a band of Wud terrorists take a school as well as Cecile hostage.  Cecile offers to defuse the situation but it seems these Wuds are after world domination oddly enough.

Elsewhere, Tsunomi is at a cosplay convention dressed up as a super hero and eagerly awaiting Cecile’s arrival.  She quickly notices the distracted crowd and is filled in on the hostage situation, springing her into action.  Though when she arrives, she’s just captured and thrown in with the rising pile of hostages.

Outside, Quinn is handling the hostage situation and is calling for a raid.  Her partner Shizuma shows obvious fear of Cecile’s harm and protests the decision.  Quinn denies his objection and calls for it anyways, pondering his interest in Cecile as of late.

As the police raid the building, shots and spells start flying and Cecile is put in the aim of one of the terrorist.  Though upon firing, the room is frozen in time and Moyo enters the room to redirect the bullet aimed at Cecile.  Before leaving, she gives Cecile a kiss on the cheek and disappears.  The terrorist panics and summons a Metamoloid before Quinn gives Cecile permission to respond with her own.

It doesn’t take long for Cecile to take down the Metamoloid and cause the terrorists to flee the scene.  At an abandoned building Shizuma finds them first.  They reveal their efforts in assisting the dark order before blackmailing Shizuma in revealing the fact that he is a Wud.  Which public service does not allow.  He responds by gunning them all down before Quinn arrives and takes his gun away.

e6barristers7Sadly this episode was by far one of the worst in the series.  Having no real substance to it besides the small portion we got from Moyo, which was pretty awesome.  It seems Quinn is finally catching on to Shizuma, but that was only a matter of time.

Based on the preview, it seems Cecile’s rival is next up to bat with this ongoing trend of character-per-episode storytelling they have going.  My fears are continuing to come true but I hope it won’t break this show.  It’s turning out that way unfortunately.

Probably the worst part of this episode was the downturn of the animation department.  Character art and animations looked extremely sloppy and lazy.  Making for a very distracting experience altogether.  I often pondered at many points if they even watched it before airing it.  I hope this isn’t a trend going forward.  I knew the art was quite colorful and well done to begin with, so my fear going in was a decline to happen eventually.

Episode 6: Hero Show



Lackluster Episode


  • Moyo’s powers revealed
  • Quinn stepping up


  • Drop in animation quality
  • Uneventful
  • Episodic

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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