Episode 6 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


It’s nice to see that the series has once again strayed away from the episodic character back story reveals and moved on.  In this episode we see quite a build up to an inevitable showdown between the White Lights and the Zvezda team.  Along with that, we get quite a few laughs.

e6zvezda6While Asuta finds sanctuary at school away from the hardships of labor he faces at the Zvezda base, his comfort is soon shattered by 2 new transfer students.  Kate and Roboko.  While people oddly accept the new members, he dreads the thought.  Turns out the Zvezda team is after a treasure buried under the school at an unknown location.  A treasure that bestows the power of conquering, The Udo Bride.

The following day, Miki embarrasses Asuta at the school gates by revealing that he had proposed to her during their childhood.  Putting some thought into play that they in fact have known each other for some time.  She even mentions his father at some point.  Since Miki is in fact Egret from the White Lights, it’s possible that his father is connected to the White Lights as the leader.  Though that’s still speculation.

Moving forward, we find that pretty much all the Zvezda members have infiltrated the school and soon enough they discover that a secret Treasure Club is being held at the AV room.  There, the Zvezda members and Renge put on masks and enter the viewing room to see a film featuring the leader, Madame M.  After Asuta proves his worth by doing a ridiculous impromptu dance, Madame M issues a meeting later that night at a disclosed location.

e6zvezda2While everyone is pumped to join in the hunt, Renge is ordered by the White Light leader to be on standby at home during the scheduled time.  We get a pan into a meeting room where Madame M is revealed to be Egret (Miki) and in fact planning the event to capture the Zvezda members.

A decent build up episode with some interesting ties revealed between Asuta and Miki.  It’s becoming more obvious that he’s more important than the show puts on.  I found the dance at the film showing to be quite hilarious and can’t wait to see the showdown between Zvezda and the White Lights.  I still also have a thought in the back of my head that Renge will have to choose to stay with the White Lights soon enough.  Probably during the climax battle of the series though.

Episode 6: After School Treasure Club



Build Up, Good Laughs


  • Udo Dance
  • Good Build Up
  • Some reveals


  • Bit slow

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