Episode 7 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Suetsugi Konoha, Benio’s student council secretary, takes center stage in this episode of Engaged to the Unidentified. Her jealousy over the unwanted attention of Mashiro and Kobeni becomes quite obvious as she struggles to figure out how to steal Benio’s attention.

As Konoha looks on from a distance with a glaring eye, a friend and school reporter Niko Oono offers to assist her in digging up some dirt on the two. After becoming further enraged by the sight of Mashiro, she agrees to use Niko’s skills to get information to use against them.

e7unidentified4After Niko starts putting into effect her plans to interview and stalk Kobeni and Mashiro, Konoha begins to seriously regret her request. Fearing that Benio will find out and kick her out of the student council, she constantly pleas for Niko to stop. Though Niko assures her skills at what she does.

At some point we get a flash back to explain Konoha’s love for Benio. When she first transferred to the city she was quite lost and fearful. Though Benio appeared and helped her get to where she needed and gave her comforting words. It was after that moment that Konoha worked hard to get transferred to Benio’s school, only to find that Kobeni transferred at the same time and stole Benio’s attention from her.

Exams conclude and it looks as if everyone is failing their tests, forcing them to take make-up exams. Everyone turns to Kobeni for a group study session, to which she reluctantly agrees. During the dark hours at the school library, Mashiro has a fearful run-in with Niko as she assumes her presence is a ghost. This fear is only amplified by a run in with Konoha who is nearby and casts a dark shadow on Mashiro.

These happenings instill a fear in Mashiro of using restrooms at school. Though Benio is nearby to offer her an escort which only infuriates Konoha more. Each time she outburst it seems that Kobeni always ends up nearby to hear her embarrassing comments. Which makes Konoha fearful of what Kobeni and Mashiro would tell Benio when they are at home.

e7unidentified7After school, Konoha trails Kobeni, Mashiro and Hakuya. Once again outburst in jealousy, Kobeni confronts her to ask what she needs. Since she cannot answer, she instead lies that she wanted to speak to Mashiro. This turns into a shouting match between the two about Benio being good or bad. However at one point Mashiro asks if she’s from the mountains because she smells familiar.

As Konoha is walking alone later, she recalls Mashiro’s comment about the mountains and questions if they are the same as her. As well as ponders on Hakuya being someone specifically. While on the flip side, Mashiro and Hakuya confirm that she is indeed possibly one of their kind. While Kobeni insists they go confirm it, Hakuya assures her that it doesn’t matter as he’s not interested in her. Possibly taking it incorrectly.

For once a top-notch episode full of some great laughs. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Konoha and Mashiro as they indirectly battled throughout the episode. Luckily, Benio took back seat during most of this, leaving the humor to be related but not central. I’m actually liking Konoha, even though she seems to be this show’s shoe-in of Yuri. It’s definitely the season of Yuri.

The thing that peaked my interest most in this episode was the quick notice Konoha gave of Hakuya at the end. Either she knows him from her childhood, had a crush on him, or maybe he’s something special. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Episode 7: That’s One Thing, This is Another



Solid Episode


  • Lots of laughs
  • Konoha is a great addition
  • Konoha being Unidentified


  • Yes, more Benio
  • Yuri shoe-in

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