Episode 7 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


Inari struggles with her deity powers as her class prepares for a play for the big school festival. It seems that her luck changing for the better may not be luck at all. As she discovers the reason behind it all, her distaste for herself causes her a great deal of grief.

During selection for roles in the big play for her class, Inari desperately prays to herself that she’ll be lucky enough to play the role as the princess because Kouji is taking the role as the prince. She luckily draws from the box the prized ticket for the role she desired.

e7konkon3Later as she’s working hard to master her role, she ends up stumbling into Uka’s brother Toshi flirting with some school girls. As she argues with him, Kouji’s friend notes their exchanges as possibly being in a relationship.

Elsewhere, Uka prepares for the big October festival where her mother will be attempting to get her to marry another god. When her friend Miya inquires on if she has anyone in mind, Uka immediately thinks of Inari’s brother Touka.

Later, when Touka confronts her about why she hasn’t been visiting his house lately, she admits that she’s been busy and will soon be courting other gods. When she asks him about love, he embarrassingly brushes her question off and things turn into an argument about their ability to understand relationships.

Back at Inari’s house, she works with Kon to learn her part in the play. Though Kon slips out the truth of how Inari secured the role. During her desperate praying at the selections, her deity powers made it so she grabbed the correct card. This puts Inari into a deep depression, knowing that she had in fact cheated to get the role. So much that it affects her ability to learn and execute her part.

As people around her notice her change in performance, Kouji assumes it’s due to the kiss segment of the play that has her unable to concentrate. Even going so far as to offer to take it out of the script. Though after Inari is given a love letter to pass on to Kouji, she decided to quit the play due to the pressures of guilt she has for stealing a role that so many girls desired.

Later on the rooftop, Inari’s dislike for having to hand over a love letter from someone else to the one she loves causes her deity powers to once again react and blow the letter out of her hands and into the distance. She then falls into a great deal of distaste for her selfish use of powers to get her own selfish ways.

e7konkon4She decided to make right to the girl who offered the love letter and changes her appearance to match her in order to confess in person to Kouji. Though Kon attempts to stop her, Kouji arrives in front of her. In the appearance of the other girl, Inari confesses to Kouji but he declines her offer. Though it doesn’t end there as he asks her what love feels like.

Inari responds that it’s an obsession, where you desire to know more about the person and get closer to them all the time. Still taking on the appearance of the other girl, Inari takes her leave from Kouji. Though Kouji remains on the roof and applies the idea of love being an obsession to every moment he has spent with Inari. Realizing that he in fact loves her.

While Inari still has some great dislike for her actions, she attempts to hide them as she visits Uka later. Though Kon ends up telling Uka directly what has transpired. Uka feels it’s all her fault and regrets the grief her powers have caused Inari. As Uka soon leaves for her courtship, Touka arrives and overhears them speaking of powers and demands an explanation. Though their conversation is cut short by Uka’s assigned transportation arriving and sweeping her away.

A good episode overall. I was really happy to see some further progression in how Kouji feels about Inari. With so little view from his side, it was hard to see if he truly liked her more than a friend. At the same time, it was good to finally see confirmation on Uka’s side as well with Touka. The fact that he immediately came to her mind when talk of love came up. I guess we’ll have to see if she really stays in the company of the courtship.

Had a few laughs this episode with Akemi showing off a different side. I really liked her telling off Kouji for his lack of understanding Inari’s true desire. That’s what he gets for listening to his friend’s gossip!

Episode 7: Maiden, Aflutter, Madder Red



Solid Episode


  • Kouji’s love decision
  • Uka’s love decision
  • Good drama in Inari’s struggle


  • A little slow

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  • By Neowned, February 27, 2014 @ 9:31 am

    Story progress was nice to see, but took almost till the end of the show to pay off. Got a good chuckle out of Uka’s moms letter, even gods fear their parents. So does this make Touka tsundere? Wonder why Aka always addresses hereself as “we” when talking, maybe considering the fox spirits? So hopefully now that Kouji’s made the realization that he likes Inari that the conversations dont result in bashful inner monolouge.

  • By Zeruel, March 3, 2014 @ 2:15 pm

    If I’m not mistaken, quite often deities in storytelling from Japan (anime in general) often refer to themselves as We. Of course, that’s not a literal translation either. I think (speculation here) it’s just a way of referring to oneself as greater than a single entity, which may be why it translates the way it does.

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