Episode 7 Impressions: Noragami


Tensions are rising as the consequences of Yukine’s actions put Yato in more and more peril. According to a past acquaintance, even putting his life in danger. More questions are answered and more decisions will have to be made as we look forward into this episode.

e7noragami2Opening the show, Kazuma questions Bishamon’s actions in their battle with Yato. That she may have been acting on a personal grudge rather than the task at hand. Though focus quickly changes as Bishamon sets her sights on the many Phantoms pouring out of the vent created by Kofuku.

Back on Yato’s front, Yukine is missing once again and Iki goes out in search of him. Apparently he had confronted Tenjin (the now master of Yato’s previous Regalia) in hopes of becoming his Regalia. Although recounting the happening with Iki after he already left, Tenjin reveals to Iki that he would have given him the name of Nora.

Turns out the name Nora isn’t specific to the girl Regalia that is pursuing Yato. Nora is a name given to Regalia with many owners. Liken to a stray cat with multiple owners, they are more likely to betray.

Noras are seen as disgusting creatures by many gods and are often employed to take on tasks that one wouldn’t give to their own Regalia. This is likely what contributes to Nora having so many markings on her body, as she has been given so many names by so many owners. ¬†Though that last part is still speculation.

e7noragami4As Iki continues to search for Yukine, she’s confronted by Bishamon’s Regalia Kazuma. He binds her and hides her from Bishamon’s sight and during this time Iki gets a picture of a sounds and fit team of Regalia that she’s never witnessed before. After Bishamon leaves, Kazuma reveals that he owes a great deal to Yato and wishes him safety. This involves disposing of Yukine before the blight over takes him. While Iki claims that is no different from murder, Kazuma clarifies that if it continues then Yato will die.

Later after Yato employs Yukine to help him with a petty job as a store clerk, Yukine once again steals and flees from their sight. At the same time, Kofuku offers a job to kill a nearby Phantom that leads Yato into action. On their way, Iki asks Yato to treat Yukine as a person, almost as if to plea for his life. To which he seems to agree.

When they finally find Yukine, he’s being talked down by Nora who sees him as useless. Nora offers her hand in service in Yukine’s place, but Yato instead chooses Yukine and springs into action against the Phantom. While Yukine’s blade is dulled and Nora stands ready to take over, Yato splashes purification water upon his blade and rends the phantom.

e7noragami9Yet another fantastic episode of tension and reveals. It was fascinating learning about the name Nora and the fact that there are others like the Nora we know. At the very end we got a glimpse of another man with Nora that could be yet another Nora. (That’s really confusing to write).

I was also pleased to find I was spot on about Kazuma’s bow at the end of the last episode. It looks as if Episode 8 may reveal why he has so much respect for Yato. As to why he owes Yato a great debt.

Yato also has a big decision to make soon. I was hoping the show would have gotten to him making the decision already. Call me twisted, but I was sort of wishing that they would go down the route of him ending Yukine and going really dark. But it looks as if he will stand by Yukine.

Episode 7: Uncertainty & Destiny





  • More tension rising
  • Yato’s decision
  • Nora’s name revealed


  • Dark feel turning to bright

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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