Episode 7 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


After a trip to the United States of America, Cecile and Hotaru are forced to settle their differences as they take a long trip to Canada.  Though things are oddly falling into play that raise many questions as to how close each firm is watching Cecile.

Cecile confronts Shizumu about his submission to clear her for use of her magic, thanking him for a great deal of trouble that it removes from her firm.  In parting, she gives him a charm that is said to protect him, though due to him secretly being a Wud, it may not be so fitting.  The meeting is cut short as Cecile and many of her co-workers are off to Boston USA for a joint effort to compare barrister training methods.

e7barristers6Turns out the director knows the lead of the Helsing Law Offices in Boston.  As they arrive however, they are notified by local police to be on the lookout for a murderer on the loose in the area.  Though shaken by the thought, they press forward and get an exclusive tour of the facilities.

After taking a break, Seseri suggests that Cecile take a trip to her nearby hometown in Canada.  Though Cecile has no money for travel, Seseri tells Hotaru to take her by car because she has an international driving license.  While she strongly protests, she’s force to along with it.

During their trip, they encounter many troubles such as stalls and spouts due to Hotaru’s obvious disdain for Cecile.  Though it’s through these hardships and a random hitchhiker they pick up, that Hotaru finally opens up to Cecile and gets the real story behind Cecile’s success as a young barrister.

Most of the information is already known by the viewer, but Hotaru has been shut out of it for some time due to Cecile’s dislike to talk about it.  Cecile and her mother was visiting Japan because her mother wanted to go to school there for some reason.  Though when they arrived they got involved in an incident that nearly cost Cecile her life.  But her mother saved her by using magic.  Due to prejudice against Wuds, she was thrown in jail with little care for her reasons.

e7barristers4Cecile went on to explain that due to this happening, she started studying hard for the bar exam from the age of 13.  She closed out everything including movies and social experiences to do nothing but study.  She seeks to become a great barrister and request a retrial to save her mother who is on death row.  Hearing all of this, Hotaru begins to realize that Cecile isn’t just a gifted prodigy that gets everything she wants.  Seemingly less hostile in response as well.

When they finally arrive in Canada, they make a stop at a local restaurant to eat.  Though their pleasant stay is cut short when the murderer they were warned about shows up and starts firing off shots.  Cecile is harmed by a stray blast from his shotgun and Hotaru responds by blasting a canister in his face.  Suddenly Kujira Shibuki and Sameoka Kiba, members of Shark Knight Law Offices, show up and tackle the fugitive.

As stated earlier, it seems that quite a few organizations are watching Cecile.  While the Grimoire 365 cult has a real reason to keep their eye on her, I was a bit surprised by Shark Knights being involved as well.  I do really hope it’s not just coincidence.

e7barristers2I’m curious as to if the hitchhiker has something special about her presence as well, being that she’s some random Japanese girl wandering a dark street in another country.  Again, hoping it’s not just coincidence.  Though I feel her point in the episode was really to help get Cecile and Hotaru to talk.  Which I’m so relieved that it has finally been put to rest.  I was considering half way through the episode to turn it off as the continuous bickering by Hotaru was making for a not so entertaining episode.

The bit at the beginning where Cecile confronted Shizumu was actually one of the few interesting elements this episode.  I’m really started to believe that while Shizumu is a part of Grimoire 365, he may be getting a bit too close to Cecile.  Perhaps his actions in the prior episode involving the hostage situation was more personal than organization related.

Overall a rather lackluster episode.  Again, I didn’t care for the constant bickering by Hotaru.  Coupling that with the fact that we already knew most of what Cecile divulged to Hotaru.  The only new information we got here was that Cecile studied at the age of 13 and Hotaru loves a married man.  Hopefully next episode will get things kicked up again, because the last few have been rather dull.

Episode 7: Maple Leaf in CANADA





  • More of Cecile’s story
  • Hotaru learning Cecile’s story


  • Retelling of stories
  • Hotaru’s bickering

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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