Episode 7 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


Big reveals are in play in this episode of World Conquest Zvezda Plot as Kate and her minions are soon to learn that the White Lights are the least of their worries.  More importantly, Renge and Asuta may have more in common than they in fact know.

Much to Miki’s disapproval, Renge shows up at the appointed time despite her orders from the White Lights to stay home. Though the show goes on as Miki disguised as Madame M dispatches everyone in pairs to look for stones needed to find the treasure.  Of course, everything is a lie to get them split up so that she can use an Udo scanner to discover which of the students are Zvezda.

e7zvezda1Later while Renge and Kate are searching the courtyard, Miki contacts Renge as Egret from White Lights and orders her to return home.  As the camera pans to Miki, it becomes confirmed that she indeed knows that Renge is White Robin despite the rules she recited to Renge many episodes ago.

Even though most of Miki’s treasure information was fabricated to lure the Zvezda in, it turns out that many elements that she made up are actually true.  The team ends up finding the stones, and after encouraging Asuta to once again do the treasure dance, they activate to create a sort of portal.

Though this is quickly escalated by the arrival of an unknown force of soldiers that storm the school grounds.  Miki contacts the White Light leader about the presence of soldiers but he responds that the situation has in fact been escalated beyond his control.  Kate, being absorbed by the concept of finding the treasure, drags Asuta into the portal that transports them to a desert setting and a temple before them.

The temple seems to be a stone crafted version of Asuta’s school and after getting separated from Kate, Asuta soon discovers that Kate has been transformed into a humongous conquering beast.  While back at the normal world, Zvezda members are being pinned down by the unknown soldiers.  However things turn in their favor (maybe) when Asuta flees through the crowd while being followed by the large Kate monster.  After speaking in riddles, she uses her now gigantic conquering fist to conquer the area minus Renge and Asuta.

Turns out the unknown soldiers are in fact the Tokyo Military Special Forces commanded by the Tokyo governor.  Who turns out to be the father of not only Asuta, but possibly Renge as well based on a family photo on his desk.  All we know is that there’s a purple haired girl about the same age as Asuta.  It would explain a lot about Renge.  But then there’s the possibility of it being Itsuka, but she would be too old.

e7zvezda5Hair color aside, at first glance I thought it would be Kate due to her sleeping in both pictures and holding a bunny-like stuffed animal.  We’ll have to wait and see for confirmation, but it’s definitely leaning towards Renge.

While full of typical tropes, there’s a lot of interesting wrenches thrown into the mix this episode.  I’m a bit heart-broken to see Renge thrown in as a sister of Asuta (if that turns out to be the case).  Mainly because I want to see them continue their chemistry.  Sadly, the sis/bro thing would just create some uncomfortable elements.

I got quite a few laughs out of the Godzilloli that appeared and definitely enjoyed the treasure dance once more.  It was quite comical to see Asuta’s disdain for doing it again while everyone cheered him on.  Some really classic moments.

As per usual, the same question came up this episode in regarding Renge.  She once again disapproves of the actions taken by the White Lights and leans more towards supporting the Zvezda members in the moment.  So I’m sort of excited to see if she joins the Zvezda against the governor.

Episode 7: After School Treasure Club (Part 2)



Solid Episode


  • Some good laughs
  • Renge possbly a sister
  • Asuta’s dad revealed


  • Bro/Sis romance humor

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  • By Neowned, February 25, 2014 @ 6:10 pm

    Are they not in the same class, Asuta and Renge? Looking from the picture you get the feeling that those two are a couple of years apart. I could be mistaken, I have just came back from a short vacation so I did a blitz of shows and sometimes the stories start to meld with others.

  • By Zeruel, February 25, 2014 @ 8:57 pm

    It’s good to have you back! You disappeared 😀

    They seem the same age to me, but I could be wrong. People are speculating it’s the black haired girl from the preview (including a comment the other day that we couldn’t approve due to unwanted insults), but that implies that her hair color changed. As for if Asuta and Renge are in the same class, that’s a yes. You can see them sitting near eachother in the 6th episode for example. At any rate, hopefully we’ll find out next episode.

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