Episode 8 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Suetsugi Konoha continues to take the spotlight in this episode of Engaged to the Unidentified as she continues to question the Mitsumine family’s involvement with Benio’s family.  Jealousy and identities are at the forefront as well as continuous Benio humor.

As Kobeni questions Mashiro about whether Konoha could really be from the same mountain origins as them, Benio enters in to include herself in the conversation.  Though after Kobeni denies telling her what they were discussing, Benio becomes trapped in the heartbreak of Kobeni keeping a secret from her.  This explodes into an entire episode of Benio trying to come to grips with Kobeni not sharing everything with her.

e8unidentified5Kobeni keeps this secret from Benio in order to not create problems for Konoha.  While she expresses this to Konoha at school, Konoha believes Kobeni is using it as a sort of twisted blackmailing.  After getting yet another report from Niko, Konoha decided to finally confront Mashiro about the possibility of them being from the same race as her.

After Mashiro and Konoha have an unexpected race to the roof to talk, they find themselves in a gusty environment.  When they agree to meet elsewhere, both of them respond by leaping from the roof.  Thus confirming to each other their real identity.  It’s at this point that Konoha claims that Mashiro and Hakuya have been using their ability to blend in just to sneak into Benio’s home.  Though Mashiro is stricken with so much grief at the idea, she collapses in tears.

Hakuya finally catches up with them and questions what Konoha has done to Mashiro.  After Konoha repeats the accusation, Hakuya recalls Benio’s habits and is also stricken with heavy grief.  Though this focus changes quickly as Konoha mentions her mother telling her that men of their species are rare and that she if she should ever meet one she should snatch him up.  As Kobeni listens from around the corner, Konoha demands that Hakuya should marry her.

e8unidentified1Overall a very disappointing episode.  Though as I’ve mentioned before, I do not care for Benio’s humor.  It’s a seriously dead joke that they have managed to beat into the ground countless times.  Though if you enjoy the joke she inserts, this will probably be a very enjoyable episode for you.  The only saving grace for the episode was the very end when each side had finally confirmed their identity.  Though Konoha’s desire to marry Hakuya even with her Benio love obsession is quite out-of-place.

About the only real point of this episode was to force Kobeni to make her choice.  It’s plainly obvious that based off of Hakuya’s attitude towards Kobeni that he’s extremely loyal to her.  Just as a dog is to its master, to coin the theme of this show.  Kobeni seeing the proposal will cause her some jealousy and to stake her claim at last.

I’m beginning to wonder if this show will ever really explore their powers or the Mitsumine family.  We are now down to two-thirds the way through the series and have yet to even see a transformation or explanations as to their origins.  Or even anything about the family besides the shape-shifting, blending, and physical feats.  I’m pretty confidant in rating this show soon and its a rather poor score sadly.  Just due to the sheer lack of tapping into its potential.

Episode 8: Only A Little Sister Can Soothe Sadness Over A Little Sister



Lackluster Episode


  • Marriage proposal
  • Reveal of powers


  • Repeated jokes
  • More Benio humor

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