Episode 8 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


The war against the Sky Clan is taking a turn for the worst as the main Aerial Knights squad is still making their way back to Isla after assaulting a large team of enemy forces.  As they are away, it’s up to the academy of trainees and what little forces remain at Isla to protect it from a large-scale attack that claims many lives.

In the skies above Isla, Fausto leads a small group of academy trainees defending their home.  Though they are heavily outgunned as their rifles fire against an onslaught of planes equipped with mounted machine guns.  As the enemy forces pick off one plane after another, they change formation and make their move.  However after a group of seemingly elite silver-colored planes show up with wolf markings, things turn even graver as the entire fleet including Fausto and Wolf are wiped out.  Only Kal-el and Ari remain.

e8pilot27On the ground, Claire won’t sit idly by and rushes out of her mansion.  While Ignacio initially tells the warden that he’ll bring her back, he instead aids her in driving her to where she desires.  Along the way the Sky Clan begins deploying paratroopers to the ground and any remaining grounded troops and trainees engage in exchanged fire from the forest and foxholes.

From a distance, Claire picks up a fallen paratrooper’s rifle and takes aim.  However Ignacio claims she’ll dislocate her arm and takes the gun from her, taking down 4 soldiers before Isla troops rush forward.  From there, Claire and Ignacio take to the skies via a plane from the air field.

As Kal-el and Ari are the sole survivors, they make their way back to base while fending off the remaining silver planes.  Ari is hit by a barrage of bullets and slumps over onto the plane, causing Kal-el to panic.  He cries for her to wake up, that he’ll get them back to their homeland together, and that he promises he’ll stay with her.  Just as he loses hope, Ari-el musters the strength to turn, fire down another silver wolf, and then slumps over in her cockpit.

Ari-el, losing so much blood, passes out and leaves Kal-el to attempt to get to safety on maneuvers alone.  Though it seems to be to no avail.  Claire ends up watching from a distance with hopelessness and a desire to muster her powers that she has long-lost.  But safety comes to Kal-el as an unknown advanced plane shows up and takes out the silver wolves.

Back at the hospital, Kal-el breaks down over Ari-el’s hospital bed.  Mourning the loss of Fausto, Wolf, and many others.  Ari-el awakens and gives him comforting and encouraging words (even if rather roughly).  She also mentions that she heard every word he said about staying with her, and letting her call him “Little Brother”.  Though she claims his courage gained him rights to be called “Older Brother.”  Even if he feels undeserved.

e8pilot24As we close, the leadership of Isla receive a letter from a third faction.  Who we assume owns the unknown craft that saved Kal-el from the silver wolves.  The Holy Levamme Empire’s High Consul Fana Levamme, who claims to be of the same Myth and blood as the people of Isla.  They seek a partnership in pushing forward to the secretes of these lands.

Overall a great episode.  It seems everyone is fair game for being killed off in this show as things push forward.  It’s sure to not have a peachy end before some heavy losses.  True to a war scenario.  I was beginning to suspect that Ari wouldn’t make it through this encounter to be honest.  Though it did lead to a very cute scene in the hospital.  I’m just glad they kept it to a sibling relationship!

Claire surprised me as well, taking action instead of allowing herself to be kept cooped up.  I’m also really interested in knowing more about this third faction that seems to want to find the secrets of the End of the Sky with Isla.   Though they will most likely have their own skeletons in the closet.  They always do!  Though it can’t be denied that the Sky Clan yield much better planes than Isla, but this new team hold even bigger guns it seems.

Episode 8: The Name of the Bird



Solid Episode


  • More tragedy
  • Cute hospital scene
  • Claire stepping up


  • Previews keeps over revealing

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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