Episode 10 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


When last we left Uka and Inari, things were looking very dire. In this final installment to the Inari Konkon series, we get a heartfelt conclusion to a series that manages to capture one’s emotion and send it through the wringer.  As both Inari and Uka will be forced to make a decision that could cost them their friendship.

Inari continues to follow the path the kons have left for her to find Uka who is quickly fading from existence. Still trapped away in the Heavenly Gate, Uka is left to await her fate feeling as if her powers have only caused Inari trouble all this time. Though from Inari’s perspective, this is a moment she can finally return her divine powers to finally make things right for her dear friend.

e10konkon13As Inari gets closer, spirits from across the area flow in to meet her path and eventually her companion transforms into a great wolf spirit to ride her into the skies to meet the Celestial Plains where the Heavenly Gate lies. Though while she journeys, Uka’s brother Toshi frantically slashes barrier upon barrier away, until finally arriving at the Gate itself. Only to be trampled by Inari’s arrival with the countless spirits.

While Amaterasu sits and watches along with Uka’s parents, Inari begins to attempt to pry the doors open with her bare hands, to no avail. While it seems pointless, Kon finds her efforts uplifting and begins to pull with its every fiber. Toshi as well as the countless spirits join in and encourage Inari to continue the struggle.

As the Gate cracks open, Inari is able to finally peer through to Uka. While Uka claims this is justice for her careless actions that have caused Inari trouble, Inari responds with hope. While they continue their efforts to open the door, Uka’s parents question Amaterasu’s desire to continue this separation. In the end, she still remains stern on her choice.

Finally getting the door to budge just a bit more, Inari attempts to squeeze through only to get herself caught by her lower half. It’s at this point that Amaterasu finally succumbs and nudges the door slightly to allow Inari in. Though she attempts to rush into Uka’s arms, she finds herself slipping right through her now transparent body.

Inari questions why she never told her that she was fading due to the use of her powers and that friends shouldn’t keep secrets. Though Uka responds with Inari’s lack of telling her that her powers went out of control, thus putting them at even. Even though Uka claims her powers have caused Inari grief, Inari expresses her thanks because she’s managed to get close to Koji and speak her mind to her friends. However Uka believes she herself was the reason for all of that.

e10konkon8In an effort to save Uka, Inari agrees to return all of her power to Uka which causes her to fade from the Celestial Plains and from Uka’s presence. Now all alone in the shrine, she walks back to meet her friends and Koji. They panic at the sight of her cut and bruised self, but all Inari can respond with is sorrowful tears.

Back at the Celestial Plains, Amaterasu questions if Uka has finally learned her lesson about why deities and humans cannot form bonds. Uka says she learned a great lesson and wishes to continue to stay amongst the humans. She wants to learn more and more about love. With that said, Amaterasu nods and requests that she at least visit the Celestial Plains from time to time.

While Inari can no longer see Uka, she’s seen still visiting the shrine. As she readies to leave, Uka stands watching her along side Touka. Inari claims that while she cannot see her, she knows Uka is there.

A wonderful conclusion to a great series. While quite a few things were not explained, it still felt like a great stopping point. Unfortunately they never explained how Inari is able to return to her original form even without the powers, or why Touka can see her but yet Inari can’t receive the same treatment. However with the way the show was written, a simple fix would have made most of the drama towards the end seem rather pointless.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this to be a 10 episode series. So the conclusion caught me off guard. I’d love to see more from this universe, perhaps one that explores Touka and Uka, or maybe even Inari exploring the deities more. Until then, this show definitely was a great one and a review is soon to follow. I thank every one of my readers for following along with these impressions and hope you enjoyed them.

Episode 10: Inari, Konkon, ABCs of Love





  • Lots of emotion
  • Great conclusion
  • Look forward to other seasons


  • Few elements not explained

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, March 20, 2014 @ 5:21 pm

    Was a nice ride, did feel a little on the short side being only 10 episodes, hope it sets up nicely for a second season. Just felt a little on the unfulfilling side as there where quite a few large plot points left unanswered that seemd could have been answered in 1 or 2 more episodes.

    Either way I am greatful for the recommendation of the show as it was one of that flew under my radar.

    Now I have the feeling of looking to see if it has a manga or light novel to follow up this sereies.

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