Episode 10 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


The Macal and Labone have been at odds for centuries before magic use laws were put into effect, but it seems the battle is still alive and well as the truth is finally presented to Cecile. How she plays a role in this battle and who plays which roles are all a focus in this episode.

As Cecile and Kiba continue to flee from Shizumu, Cecile remains conflicted as to what’s going on and who to trust. However after she finally leaves Kiba’s side, the entire area is engulfed in chaotic explosions. In the midst of it all, Moyo appears and takes Cecile away.

e10barristers3Alone with Moyo, Cecile divulges everything she’s currently facing. About Shizumu, Kiba, and having possibly died 6 years ago. Though Moyo seems to accept everything, her only reply is her curiosity of how it feels to be dead.

Kiba is now arrested and Shizumu attempts to get Quinn to charge him for human trafficking. Pinning a bogus case upon him that Quinn questions. While the Butterfly Law Offices attempt to represent him, they are denied access to question him. When they confront Quinn about it, she promises that she’ll look into it.

While Cecile gets reunited with her friends at the Butterfly Law Offices and they struggle to understand the situation, elsewhere the police storm the Shark Knight Law Office and attempt to arrest Shibuki who flees. While giving chase, Shizumu opens fire and clips his shoulder. Quinn is outraged by Shizumu’s actions once again and pins him against a wall. Though Shizumu, having nothing to lose, throws Quinn back with magic thus revealing to her that he is in fact a Wud.

Finally giving into his hatred for Quinn and her prejudice against Wuds, he holds nothing back. After Quinn is unable to shoot him, he returns the favor by blasting her against a wall. As he comments on her prejudice and walks away, Quinn coughs up blood and loses consciousness.

Back at the Butterfly Law Office, Cecile receives a text to meet with Shibuki in order to answer all her questions. They meet at a museum where he begins to explain the entire history of two great factions. The Macal and Labone. As mentioned in the Grimoire 365, the two factions of wizards known as the Macal and Labone were at odds with each other for many centuries. Macal desires to rid the world of humans while the Labone desired to live along side humans. Though it wasn’t until the introduction of laws against magic use that things finally calmed down

However the two factions didn’t die away. Instead the Macal continued to work towards the prophesied day when a chosen wizard would be born that would have immense power. They desired to use this wizard to kill the humans. The Labone on the other hand kept a close eye on the Macal and their plans.

While this is a bit much for Cecile to absorb, one factor hits her the hardest. That the chosen one that the Macal seek is in fact her. That every tragedy that has involved her has been to awaken her powers. That also the person she sought help from all this time, Shizumu, is in fact a member of Macal and cannot be trusted.

e10barristers2As they part ways and a few members of the Butterfly Law Offices arrive, Shibuki offers one last warning to Cecile. To be careful around Moyo. While he doesn’t explain before running off, Moyo was indeed one of the members that arrive. When Cecile asks how they knew she was there, they note that it was Moyo who led them to her. Moyo smiles the suspicion away by claiming “I know everything about you Cecile.”

Quite a bit in this episode to stomach. Finally we get some answers as to exactly what each of these factions are. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I had just missed something or what, but I couldn’t seem to grasp (until now) who exactly was each faction. The mentions of Macal, Labone, and Grimoire 365 just wasn’t sticking.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed by the series as a whole. Partly in reasons mentioned above, I feel the way the story has been presented is rather lackluster. The whole beginning of the series was witty in how it presented cases but yet when it comes to the main plot, it’s a lot of repeating the same thing while sprinkling in confusing connection plot points. My fears of a plot dump at the end are coming true.

That aside, I’m still excited to see how things conclude. I’m interested in seeing what role Moyo plays in the feud between Macal and Labone. Though to be honest my desire for Shizumu to change sides faded with him nearly killing Quinn. (C’mon, you know she’s not dead!)

I’ve been surprised this whole time that we never got a beach/hotspring episode. Though based on the preview, it looks like episode 11 is the time. They apparently could not avoid it.

Episode 10: Imposters





  • Big reveals
  • Plot points explained
  • Solid battles


  • Plot dumps

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