Episode 10 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


World Conquest Zvezda Plot is getting better and better with each episode as the movement of the governor of Tokyo comes to an epic climax. As West Udogawa is invaded, Zvezda members are being hunted down one by one as White Robin begins to question what she’s fighting for.

While most of our perspective has been in the West Udogawa district, the rest of Tokyo has been facing a huge scale revolution. ┬áThe Tokyo Revolution (known as the Tokyo Sengoku Period) engulfed Japan while only West Udogawa remained neutral. Though it was a peace that couldn’t last forever. While one would assume Zvezda was to blame, it seems the Tokyo governor is making his move to take over the land.

e10zvezda6Shortly after the Zvezda members arrive home after their company vacation, they find Tokyo Special Forces surrounding their base. While Kate is thrown into a psychotic state due to the loss of her stuffed pet Galaktika, the enforcers let loose a line of C4 that levels the base and destroys the only hope of rebuilding (the Udo reactor).

Taking refuge in an abandoned park, Kate loses hope for a brief moment until Roboko designs a Galaktika mask for Asuta to wear. Springing back into conquering mode, she claims hope lies in the darkest hours. Late at night, Robin sends out a message for the Zvezda to surrender. As Asuta overhears it, it’s obvious Robin seeks his safety and a peaceful resolve.

The next morning the Zvezda members find themselves surrounded. While Kate attempts to persuade them, she lacks her powers due to a shortage of transformation modules. When the governor gives the command to attack, they claim one target could be hurt. Though it’s not obvious if they meant Kate or Asuta. They open fire anyways and the Zvezda members flee leaving Goro and Roboko behind to cover them.

In the governor’s office, White Falcon gives up her position as commander to White Egret and now assumes the role as a subordinate to the governor’s plans. While Egret wishes for Robin to take the role as commander, it’s her or resignation. While elsewhere, Robin begins to doubt the actions of the White Lights in supporting the governor’s dark movement. As soldiers kick and drag Roboko’s motionless body. When she speaks to the commander about why the White Lights are joining the governor, she’s informed that the commander is no more.

e10zvezdaTaking refuge in another abandoned location, Asuta’s identity as the governor’s son is finally revealed to Kate. While he claims he doesn’t want to return home and wants to stay with Zvezda, Kate forgives him as he attempts to leave to plea their safety to his father. Kate claims that even though he feels useless to their cause, she needs his power to conquer the world.

As the remaining Zvezda members head to a spare Udo reactor in order to refill their powers, they are confronted by White Egret, White Robin, and a fleet of Tokyo Special Forces. Egret claims they should surrender Asuta to them thus making them realize that Asuta’s identity as Dva is already been confirmed. Robin steps forward and asks if Asuta and Kate still wishes to claim such a destroyed and chaotic world. When they nod in agreement, Robin turns her back to them, stands before Egret and the Special Forces, removes her mask, and claims that she can no longer follow the White Lights. That their justice does not match her own.

With this in play, Asuta steps forward with his hands raised in surrender. Not wishing to get Renge (White Robin) or anyone involved, however Egret informs him that surrender is not what was commanded but that he should fall in the line of duty with Zvezda. Apparently his time with Zvezda was too long, and his father feels he’s defected forever.

As Egret commands an open fire, Egret snatches Asuta away, Natasha shields them, and Itsuka flees with Kate. As Natasha falls to the gun fire, Kate claims that he world as a whole still shines like a gem. Being still worthy of conquering.

e10zvezda8An excellent episode with some emotional moments that I didn’t expect the show would house. We got a great moment with Asuta breaking down with the Zvezda members as well as another great moment for Itsuka and her unforseen kind side. It was a bit comical to see that Kate didn’t know his identity, but everyone else did.

I also really enjoyed seeing Renge’s side changing, even though I seen it coming from far away. Though I’m a bit shocked to see Egret choose to open fire at Renge in the midst of everything. It just doesn’t match her character whatsoever. Being as she has always seemed to care for Renge, especially after what happened at the hot springs in the prior episode.

As the bonds between Renge and Asuta seem to be growing (especially after that awesome clip after the credits), I’m still very wary of how the picture on the governor’s desk will turn out. Maybe I’m pushing a relationship there where it doesn’t need to be.

Episode 10: Not All Quiet on the West Udogawa Front





  • Renge is awesome
  • Great emotion
  • Good climax build


  • Bit predictable
  • Egret firing on Renge

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  • By Neowned, March 17, 2014 @ 8:42 am

    Was a great scene when Itsuka comforted Dva, was not person that I was expecting to do so, which is why it stood out i suppose.

    Well looks like will get an episode full of Dva and Renge, if anything she might just be a childhood friend. Good episode I could really feel the despair that Zvezda is going through and hope it ties up neatly with only 2 episodes left.

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