Episode 11 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


As the Zvezda remain on the run, the Tokyo governor continues his plans to take over the entire land of Japan.  At the same time, we get some more insight into Kaori, Asuta, and the governor. It’s all wrapping up soon, so the climactic battle is soon at hand.

e11zvezda0Right from the start of the episode, we get a brief look into Kate’s past. Being from a tribe, she seems to be handed the task of conquering the world along with her prized doll Galaktika. As she walks out of the temple, it slowly shifts to being destroyed and in rubble. It’s also revealed at this time that she stopped growing when she took on this task, which then questions just how old she is.

In the present time Miki Shirasagi (now the press secretary) holds a press conference announcing that the Tokyo Assembly has decided that West Udogawa will be annexed by Tokyo and become Tokyo DC. Stripping it of its independence and put under the guise that the governor wishes to repair the chaos that has been sweeping the area.

Deep in the governor’s organization, Kaori Hayabusa confronts Natasha who is now stripped of her gear and left shackled in place. Kaori requests that she reveal the secrets of her power sources as their organization is deeply interested in it. She also mentions that it’s the only reason she remains alive, hinting at the death of both Roboko and Goro. Sure enough, when asked of their fate, Roboko’s parts are scattered across the floor before her.

While leaving, Kaori stops by the morgue where Goro lies in a chamber. Yasu is standing outside and is questioned by Kaori. Claiming his actions could be taken as a traitor, but he shrugs it off with his typical humor. Though after he leaves, Kaori remains behind and ponders on her past with Goro.

e11zvezda6She recalls her oath of revenge that she marked on Goro, because her sister Tsubaki was left behind by him. Even though her sister knew he had to leave. While later after she passed and Goro disbanded the gang, Kaori confronted Goro and stabbed him with a knife in an act of revenge. Though when he claimed he couldn’t die because Tsubaki wouldn’t forgive him, Kaori was left shocked and fled the scene.

Back at the present time, the governor broadcasts an announcement that he has managed to increase the size of Tokyo by 9000%, spanning across almost all of Japan. While he props his legs up on the desk and rests his feet upon Galaktika, Kate is left gritting her teeth while hid away in a garage. Even though the governor feels there’s no support for Zvezda anymore and announces the end of the martial law, Kate and Itsuka are visited by an elderly man who brings them food and power cells.

Later when the governor meets with the mayor of West Udogawa to sign the handing over of West Udogawa, Kate arrives with Itsuka to establish her already conquering of the area. Even with Kate and Itsuka transformed, the governor doesn’t flinch and desires the cameras to remain broadcasting for a “public execution”.

Elsewhere on the roof of their school, Renge asks Asuta what he wishes to do for the rest of his life.  She jokes that she would like to remain on the run with Asuta for the rest of their lives. Though she knows her parents would be sad. Asuta responds that he wishes to continue to help Kate. To let the world know what he wants.

e11zvezda9Asuta goes into explaining how much he and his dad had a rough relationship. Even though he looked up to his dad at first because he was so strong, he later noticed the grief he caused his mother. Noting one day when his father came home, demanded dinner, and then left right afterwards. Even though his mother made a terrible tasting dinner for him, he ate every bit and didn’t say a word.

Renge thought that was because it was made by his mother and he didn’t want to offend her, Asuta knew his father seen the food she mad as only gasoline and he could easily replace her. It was after that night at Asuta’s mother left him.

Before Asuta leaves he shows Renge how to do the famous Zvezda salute. With Asuta gone, Renge feels she has been rejected by Asuta regardless of her subtle hints. Despite this, while alone Renge knows that the powers she has as a White Light can still prove useful in shinning her own light (or perhaps justice).

Kate being possibly much older, Asuta’s past, more of Kaori’s motivation, Renge and Asuta’s relationship, the ‘death’ of Goro, the change in power; did we leave anything out? While I felt the episode was jumping ALL OVER the place, it still had some solid moments. Especially the insight into Asuta’s family. It’s just unfortunate that the show put off so much content for the last 2 episodes, which is the cause for so much jumping around. Turning this all into a plot dump.

e11zvezda8I’m starting to doubt my earlier thoughts on Renge and Asuta being related, as I felt this would be the episode to do it. In dealing with Asuta’s past, the picture they drew was one without Renge being involved.  Unless Asuta’s father just had an affair and brought Asuta to see the children the affair brought. Thought Renge mentions “parents” and not a single person, so it just wouldn’t make sense.

Overall, it’s still a good episode with some decent character build. Despite the light-hearted nature of the show until now. Though I’m less interested in seeing how the show ends and more interest in just seeing where the characters leave off.

Episode 11: All That Remains of Conqueror’s Dreams





  • Some decent backstory
  • Some character development
  • Strong build for the finale


  • Plot jumping all over the place

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, March 23, 2014 @ 11:53 am

    Sad to see some of these shows coming to end. One thing for sure I was not sure what I was going to get with each coming episode. Sure that means the plot is not the main focus but I was fine with that.

    It was a little sad to see Renge not get her affections returned when talking with Dva, but I guess he was more worried with the problems at hand to really notice.

    Like the little plot twist as far as Kate being a old Loli, or so it seems. Well look forward to the conclusion of this story.

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