Episode 12 Impressions: Noragami


As hinted at in the previous episode, Hiyori has taken the trip with Yato and Yukine to face Rabo and Nora. With Rabo seeking the awakening of the once god of calamity inside Yato, this could spell disaster for Hiyori if he realizes that she could be a catalyst in this goal.

e12noragami14Opening up the scene, Yato panics as he realizes Hiyori’s arrival. While she still doesn’t know anyone or what’s going on, Rabo doesn’t stop to explain but rather summons a now frustrated Nora. Frustrated at the sight of a troublesome girl.

As Yato and Rabo exchange blows, it becomes clear once again that Rabo outmatches him with little effort. Encapsulating Yato in a ball of water that he cannot escape, Hiyori rushes forward end pulls him out. While Yato lashes out in frustration for her safety, he realizes his comment and changes it quickly to a word of gratitude.

As Rabo arrives, Yato grabs Hiyori and runs away. Though after Nora suggest something to Rabo, it doesn’t take long for them to find their prey. Holding Hiyori’s memories in his hand, Rabo throws it far away. While Yato rushes to catch it, Rabo cuts it with a talented blade of wind. As it shatters in the air before Yato, Yukine cries out from a distance as Hiyori collapses as an empty shell.

This changes Yato in a fearful way. After putting Hiyori’s lifeless soul to the side and bandages her hand with his scarf, he calls for Yukine and cuts Rabo’s chest with such speed that Rabo is caught off guard. Yato’s eyes now matching the god of calamity that Rabo so seeks.

e12noragami8Meanwhile, back at the town, Bishamon is frantically attempting to quell the high rate of phantom spawns as vents are created in the wake of the battle being waged. When Bishamon asks Kazuma if Kofuku knew why the vents were being created at high frequency, he responds that it could be created by the god of calamity.

As Rabo and the newly awakened Yato exchange blows, Rabo reveals his darkened eye from beneath his mask. He calls for the storm to enter his eye, sealing his later death but empowering him to stand toe to toe with Yato. As their battle continues, Yukine calls for Yato to realize that Hiyori is in danger. Falling rocks plummet her way and Yato rushes to reach her. Rabo meets his path with a destructive wind tunnel that causes a great explosion in their meeting. As things clear, Hiyori is found trapped within herself, able to smell something familiar. The smell of the one she cherishes.

As Hiyori lays still lifeless, Yato is found holding the rocks from crushing her. After remembering the smell, Hiyori’s memories break from their seal and she awakens to tell Yato not to cry. Holding his bloody face, she finally comes to realize the embarrassing situation she is in. Throwing herself into a blush, she kicks him through the rocks and both Yato and Yukine realize that she has regained her memories as she calls Yato by his name.

Though the reuinion is cut short as Rabo realizes that Hiyori is in the way of his plans. Taking her hostage, Yato calls for Yukine to perform a precise cut. While Yukine fears he would hit Hiyori, Yato encourages him and relates the cut to a borderline. Distinguishing phantom from anything else.

e12noragami9Channeling skill, they send a slicing blow that cuts through Rabo’s phantom filled eye as well as his shrine’s tree. As Rabo collapses to the ground, Hiyori rushes to Yato and pleas for them to flee and go home. Yato accepts her request, but not before overtaking Rabo in one last exchanged blow that leaves Rabo to fade away.

As Yato, Hiyori and Yukine walk home, Yato requests that Hiyori cut ties with him. Insisting that she would be much happier if things returned normal for her. Though she denies his request. This conversation continues back at Kofuku’s place where everyone takes her comments about staying with him forever as a confession of love. As Yato finally accepts her desire to stay with them, he requests 5 yen payment for him to accept her wish to stay with them.

Quite the ride. Noragami easily takes the pick of the season for me. While I’ll dive into more when I write up its review, just know it will be a favorable one. I just hope we’ll get more seasons of this as it really leaves itself open to it. Bishamon’s revenge, Hiyori’s half-phantom syndrome, Nora’s path from here on out (she mentions speaking to her father), and maybe even Yato finally getting a shrine!

The episode itself did well to conclude many things. I just wanted a bit more from Nora sadly. While it took a bit of a typical route for awakening Yato and restoring Hiyori I really found myself smiling to Yato and Hiyori’s brief moment under the rubble. It was cute and really broke the ice for them.

I was expecting at some point that Bishamon, Kofuku, and Michizane would get involved but it was for the better to have Yato overcome it by himself. Though at the same time it could have been a better sign that someone besides Hiyori actually cares about his well-being. Though that was more in the 10th episode.

Episode 12: A Scrap of a Memory





  • Great conclusion
  • Tender moments
  • Epic battle


  • Season’s conclusion
  • No second season in sight

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  • By Neowned, March 24, 2014 @ 12:10 pm

    This is really a great ending to a well designed show. Hiyori’s memory regain was a shortcut that I can overlook but the despair in Yato’s eyes when he fought Rabo was great and a well designed fight scene and an ending that left me with a smile. Hiyori saying she wanted to stay by Yatos side forever and him blushing then asking for 5 yen to grant her wish was a nice touch to end the series on.

  • By Zeruel, March 31, 2014 @ 6:51 pm

    The 5 Yen charge is definitely fitting for him (haha).

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