Episode 12 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


After a shaky last episode in regards to presentation, Wizard Barristers is back for its final episode of the season.  Wrapping up loose ends and bringing the show to a somewhat conclusion.  Begging the question if this show will end on a questionable note or perhaps see more seasons in the future.

Following the capture of Makusu, a court hearing is already underway for the chief of justice. Not only for his identity of being a Wud in the place of government authority, but also the use of forbidden summoning arts. When questioned if Cecile is alright with being brought in to represent him (by request), Cecile chooses to comply in hopes of him confessing all that he has done and thus get her mother a retrial.

e12barristers7When meeting with Makusu alone, he confirms to Cecile that he would reveal everything. However not then, but only in court. While this all sounds great, it isn’t until Cecile meets with the prosecution behind closed doors in audience with the judge that things become shaky. Questions start to raise as the lead prosecutor is the same one who prosecuted Cecile’s mother 6 years ago. As the Judge begins to hear their motions, the prosecutor claims they have no evidence and wish to drop the charges against Makusu. Even with Cecile thrown off by this, the judge accepts their request and the meeting is adjourned.

Before the official court hearing begins, Cecile scrambles to find any evidence that she could use against Makusu to force him to confess. Fearing that he may yet weezle out of the case and admitting everything. Knowing what they do about the summoning ritual 6 years ago, they attempt to find the Grimoire 365. Cecile even visits the crime scene where Quinn sits pondering Shizumu’s actions. Though unfortunately for Cecile, no evidence remains.

Finally the court hearing is underway, and Makusu seems to deny any and every involvement. Even going so far as to claim summoning magic does not exist. Cecile panics and attempts to push him into confessing, however any attempt is struck down under suspicion of personal feelings. Being as she was involved in the case in question. All seemingly according to plan.

Finally Makusu is asked to tell his story and he agrees. Instead of what actually happened, he claims that summoning magic doesn’t exist. Instead it was all a delusion. He also claims that he summoned a metamoloid in a fit of rage over Cecile killing his son Shizumu. The prosecution jumps to claiming that another trial should be held in the face of the new admittance.

e12barristers3During this whole fiasco, Ageha and Seseri rush off to bring in a trump card of sorts. Just as the prosecution requests Cecile to the witness stand, Ageha and Seseri barge in with their witness. Turns out the judge that Makusu had killed several days ago was in fact still alive. Thanks to a reading Koromo did, they talked him into wearing a vest to save his life (and in turn was planning to use that to get the truth behind Cecile’s case).

The judge enters the center and divulges Makusu’s entire plan and how everything is connected to the events 6 years ago. The plan was to make it look like inspector Oda killed Cecile on accident, and to have Oda killed in order to keep it under wraps. Makusu then had the judge put things into effect that Cecile’s mother would take the blame. He then proceeds to point out everyone involved, including the prosecutor, as well as point out that he was nearly killed by Makusu to cover his tracks.

Even with this admittance, without evidence the trial seems to still fall flat. As Cecile remembers Shizumu’s words, the pendant she gave him (which she now carries since his death) suddenly glows and brings forth the Grimoire 365 that Shizumu grabbed during the summoning ritual. Using the facts of the summoning ritual from within the book, Cecile brings Makusu to a frenzy. He attempts to kill Cecile but thanks to Tsunomi’s magic taking his attention, Cecile unleashes an attack to weaken him. The judge regains himself and banishes Makusu to prison.

Thanks to the new evidence being brought forth, Cecile’s mother is freed from her death sentence and Makusu is put under the penalty of law. The Butterfly Law Offices celebrate with a game of baseball and bunk up in a cabin where Cecile finally asks Moyo who she really is. Though before she can admit, the show comes to a close.

Sadly I found this episode to be a total mess.  The whole time watching it I was expecting some interesting twist or possible revelation.  However all we got was a very unbelievable trial (putting aside magic).  Cecile allowing herself to compromise a case and represent her attacker?  A court system allowing a victim to represent their suspect? A shotty case turning into a trial against someone completely different on the fly with zero evidence and only an accusation?  I mean.. I know the prosecution is corrupted but is the entire courtroom?  Obviously not based on the conclusion but this seriously wasn’t well written.

To add to that, we got this case taking up the entire episode whilst the fate of Cecile’s mom lands on a split second token.  On top of that, the fact that Moyo is Lucifer is snickered at again at the very end in a 3 second clip.  It’s sad really.  In the end, all we got was a bunch of information we already knew.

I guess we can be glad that the episode actually ran all the way through without too many crappy still shots.  Though half the show jumped back and forth between two different art styles and some sloppy animation.  What looks like 3 different studios working on the same episode.

In the end, this series disappointed me greatly.  It started strong, got caught up in fillers, then ended on a really crappy note.  The clever writing I fell for just became non-existent.  At any rate, I thank you all for reading my impressions for Wizard Barrister and welcome you to read my review in the coming week.

Episode 12: Judgement





  • It was animated
  • Decent moment for Shizumu


  • Bad writing
  • No new information shed
  • Mixed animation quality is jarring

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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