Episode 12 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


The Zvezda conquest finally comes to a climactic end as they face their adversary the governor Kyoshiro Jimon. During this epic battle many of the surrounding characters make the choices for who’s side their on as well as decide the future of their lives.

In no time at all, the battle gets underway, but to much disappointment Kate is no match for the governor. As Asuta shows up, Kate falls over to take a nap much to Asuta’s disappointment. At the same time, Itsuka is struck down by White Egret and loses her eye patch causing her to change into a childish crybaby.

e12zvezda4In a brief flashback, we see why Itsuka reacts in such a way. About the time her mother had passed away, she was confronted by Kate and offered a leadership role in Zvezda. To quell her tears, Kate transfers her doll’s eye patch to her. Causing her to try desperately to fight all emotion.

Back at the battlefield, things look rather grim as Kate naps and Itsuka continues to sob. As Asuta becomes Dva, he’s backed up by a returning Natasha who summons her minions into a gigantic octopus. Though the governor responds with his preparation in creating an “anti-monster” fighting robot that quickly destroys it.

After taking out the octopus, the robot takes the slumbering Kate hostage. Following this, a cute young girl appears before Yasu and snags Galaktika to return it to Asuta. This girl turns out to be Roboko who had changed bodies before her old one was dissassembled. Turns out she “outgrew” it. With Roboko fighting the anti-monster robot, Asuta takes control of Galaktika and attempts to conquer his dad, though he’s quickly thwarted with a shield.

Elsewhere Kaori Hayabusa(White Falcon) speaks over Goro’s body. Recanting her sadness for Goro leaving everyone he is entrusted with, including Zvezda. Though Goro awakens and claims he can’t die just yet. He also tells Kaori that she needs to move on with her life and find happiness. While Kaori claims she has nothing left, Goro gives her a kiss.

e12zvezda1Back on the battlefield, White Robin arrives and assists Asuta by throwing Galaktika a vending machine of Udo causing it to go hyper. Zipping around and eventually to snag Kate from the robot’s hands. Kate awakens and takes Galaktika into her arms, transforming into her final form.

The governor responds by inhaling large amounts of smoke and hopping aboard his robot to take on the Zvezdas. At the same time, Goro and White Falcon arrive to give Itsuka her patch back and join in the battle. To add another pair to the team, White Robin confronts White Egret to ask her what her true desire is. After White Egret says it is to see Robin smile every day, they join forces and turn their swords on the governor.

With everyone in play, the governor is attacked from every angle. Though it’s when Kate unlocks her full potential and releases a gigantic conquering fist that the governor finally falls. This leaves not only West Udogawa, but all of Japan conquered by Zvezda.

In a following post story, we catch a glimpse of the aftermath of the battle. Zvezda is heard throughout the land and Kate seeks to meet and conquer every citizen. However Asuta will never allow Kate to conquer him. Goro and Kaori get married and have a honeymoon. Oh and… PIERRE LIVES!!! ¬†Though everyone is suddenly gathered when a baseball arrives from across the world shattering Kate’s new statue. This springs them into action to respond with offense to a newly rising threat in America. Another conqueror.

e12zvezda5An absolutely bonkers episode. Which exactly why I fell for this show in the beginning. Sadly most of the series strayed from this randomness, it was refreshing to see it return for the ending. Each of the characters found their own peace and there were quite a few chuckle moments.

I especially liked the reappearance of Roboko, though it would have been cool to have her stay in her loli form. It was fitting that while everyone was unleashing big attacks, Asuta comes in from behind with a fly swatter.

I was sad to see that Asuta and Renge didn’t see some type of conclusion in the after bits, as well as some sort of connection between Asuta and his now conquered father. Though that later one would probably not be very fitting to characters.

Well, that concludes this series for Impressions. I hope you all enjoyed the weekly recap and thoughts and I thank you for reading. Apparently World Conquest Zvezda Plot is due to have an OAV, so hopefully we can get some impressions on that as well. Look forward to the full review of this show in the coming week as well as a podcast review at a later time.

Episode 12: May the Light of Zvezda Shine Throughout this World





  • Funny moments
  • Loli Roboko
  • Conclusions to stories


  • Bit of a dump of conclusions

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, April 2, 2014 @ 4:52 pm

    Wow this show was all over the place. Was a a little unsatisfied with the last episode. Not that it was not fun to watch because it had plenty of laugh out loud moments; fly swatter attacks, school girl roboko, Itsuka reaction, Kates statue. Just have a wired un fullfiling conclusion to the series, which I can understand as a series that has been all over the place I guess I can somewhat understand and not hold it to accountable.

    Well hope we get to see some of these unaswered questions in the OVA or even better a second season.

  • By Zeruel, April 4, 2014 @ 10:25 pm

    Definitely agree that it was all over the place. I just wish the last episode didn’t feel so rushed. A lot of these conclusions would have felt better in a two episode stretch at least.

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