Episode 13 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


While the people of Isla return to their homeland, a brewing revolution is underway to secure the rescue of the country’s beloved Nina Viento.  Though it will take more than their current arsenal to make it happen.  Relying on new innovations and new recruits, the people gather all their resources to follow the dream of one Kal La Hire.

Securing aid from the Holy Levamme Empire, the people of Isla return home with a plan already in play. The current leadership place their trust in Kal-el after learning his true identity. Hoping that he’ll spark the people into a revolution to return to the Sky Clan to save Nina Viento. During a welcoming home speech, Kal-el confronts the people, reveals his identity, admits his love for Nina Viento despite their past, and requests the aid of everyone to get her back.

e13pilot3Everyone cheers in agreement and this puts into play a push to equipping for an assault that would change the face of the world. Though the aspect of a second Isla campaign doesn’t go unnoticed as Shizuka Hazome turns out to be a spy and reports her findings.

As time passes, it seems many of the students take their own paths. Chiharu de Lucia visits Mitsuo Fukuhara’s home to deliver his dying medal in person. Nanako Hanasaki and Benjamin Sharif return home to a crowd of support. Juan Rodrigo Bandereas and Sonia Palez become flight instructors to young students in the town. Kal-el gets to spend some quality time with his father in showing him the man he’s truly become. Ari on the other hand is torn over her feelings for Kal-el, knowing he has to go get Claire, but fighting her own love for him.

After securing a new prototype single seat fighter plane, the people of Isla 2 finally embark on their journey back to the Sky Clan home to reclaim Nina Viento. Now equipped with allies as well as new technology, Kal-el hopes to finally fulfill his promise in flying the skies above Claire. As he approaches, he sees the guiding winds of his beloved.

Well, if this episode didn’t scream second season then I don’t know what will. Very little was answered besides how the kingdom would go about taking Claire back. To be honest I don’t know just how else it could have been written into play so I guess I commend the direction it went. On the other hand it does little to bring the show to any type of conclusion.

e13pilot1To be honest I don’t quite understand why a country band together over a boy’s love for a girl. I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever seen a nation rush off to certain death over a single person. Granted she was an icon of spiritual leadership, the kingdom had been parted from her for quite some time. A necessity for a failed prince to spring the crowds into action didn’t make much sense. I guess we can just chop it up as religious.

I was saddened to see more of Ari’s struggle over her brother, even more so now with her great new look . However she does look strikingly similar to Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion.  I loved her final comment, despite my dislike for the bro/siscon thing. Chiharu visiting Mitsuo’s home definitely had me tearing up once again, just loved that couple.

Like with my other impressions segments, I thank everyone for reading weekly. Hopefully I’ll be getting the review up for this within the week, and please be sure to follow our impressions of Spring season anime!

Episode 13: The Sky Where You Are





  • Decent conclusion
  • Tearful moments


  • Rushed plot transition
  • Hard to believe writing

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