Episode 8 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


Inari has been pondering a way to bless Uka’s life for a long time.  Having had her life changed for the better over the course of many seasons by the sacrifices that Uka has made for her.  In giving her powers that have directly or indirectly changed her luck for the better.  As Uka gets forced into an arranged marriage ceremony, Inari finally steps up to do what she can to change Uka’s fate.

Being some time after Touka discovered that Uka had indeed given his sister some divine powers, he’s been quite silent to Inari.  Though that changes when he tells Inari that they are going to the Izumo together.  While Inari uses it as a chance to help Uka, the reason for Touka going remains questionable even though he says it’s to find out what exactly Uka’s powers means to Inari’s future.

e8konkon6When they arrive, interviews for Uka’s hand in marriage have already began.  Though Uka’s mother soon reveals that the reason why she wants her to get married is because her late obsession with humans has brought her embarrassment in front of other gods.  As Toshi is forced to take Inari and Touka on a tour, Inari decides to put an end to the arranged marriage.  Much to Toshi’s support.  Though Touka refuses to get involved and storms off.

At the arranged meetings, Uka takes a moment to step out of the room giving Inari a chance to execute her plans to tell Uka’s mother that the arrangement is off.  Though transforming into Uka once again sends Uka into peril.  Inari successfully pulls it off this time and storms inside the room, but is quickly shut down by Uka’s mother.  But she doesn’t give up and instead demands the arrangement be cut off.  This sends Uka’s mother into a rage, commanding the awaiting brides-to-be to hunt down Inari and Touka.

During this hunt, Touka flees into a nearby area where he stumbles upon Uka’s paralyzed self.  He questions how Inari is effecting Uka which leads to Uka finally divulging the secret.  That Inari is draining from her powers, and Inari’s attempts to transform into her is causing all of her powers to eventually swap places.  Inari would in effect gain all of Uka’s power.

While Uka only thinks of Inari’s future, Touka embraces Uka in frustration that Uka never thinks of herself.  Her own well-being.  Uka is comforted by this but Touka quickly realizes his actions and backs away in embarrassment.  While Uka cares for Inari’s well-being very deeply, she understands that she will eventually have to take her powers back.  However in doing so, she will vanish from Inari forever which causes her a great deal of sadness.  She doesn’t wish to disappear.

e8konkon3While hiding, Inari is found by Uka’s father Master Susanoo-no-Mikoto.  He seems rather laid back and unwilling to get involved, but he is interested in the one of who his daughter gave her power to.  Inari desperately seeks his help in stopping the arranged marriage but he only responds in that he will only help if she can persuade him.

As the band of brides-to-be and Uka’s mother stumble upon their meeting, Inari finally steps forward and rebukes their actions.  Claiming Uka’s mother only seeks to impress her rival and does not care for Uka’s happiness.  While she’s shot down, she’s encouraged by Uka’s father to continue.  She claims that Uka is being used for the sake of others not working for their own and sacrificing Uka’s happiness for cheap vanity and status.  She exclaims that no one will hurt her precious friend.

Even still, Uka’s mother tries to speak up but is quickly stopped by Uka’s father requesting that everyone hear out Inari as she is a very brave small human.  Following this, he strikes a handsome pose that causes everyone including Uka’s mother to submit in awe.  This pleases Uka immensely as she arrives during its unfolding.

Following this event, the arrangement is called off and Inari along with her brother leave for home.  Amaterasu confronts Uka about her closeness to Inari.  She points out that Uka in fact knows how to restore her powers.  Uka, by claim of celestial law, admits that she felt her powers return when Inari wished them away while she was grieving over the use of her powers for her own gain.  This angers Amaterasu and she locks Uka inside a sealed cave.  Desiring to separate the two in order to break their bonds. While not clear why, Amaterasu feels something could happen to Inari if they are not separated.

e8konkon2Another great episode.  I just loved seeing Inari finally get her chance to help Uka in some way.  It was obvious from many episodes prior that she feels a great desire to return the happiness that Uka has granted her.  The friendships and bonds that she wasn’t able to form before.  Hearing her tell off the deities was just awesome.

I’m definitely curious to hear more about what exactly happened with Inari wishing her powers to be returned.  Uka claimed they returned, but from what I gather, Uka didn’t accept it in fear of vanishing from Inari.  That would explain Amaterasu’s actions.  Though I’m wondering what Amaterasu means by something happening to Inari if it continues.  Perhaps she sees that Inari would become a deity as Uka had insinuated before.

Great stuff, and I’m curious to see how it unfolds.  It was great to finally see Touka and Uka embrace!

Episode 8: Izumo, Arranged Dates, Kerfuffle





  • Uka’s father was awesome
  • Great speech by Inari
  • Touka and Uka embrace


  • None

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  • By Neowned, March 6, 2014 @ 10:15 am

    Once again another good epsiode. I did get my laughs out of the episode when Inari was impersonating Uka and tried to talk back to Uka’s mom and the after effect of her saying she didnt want to marry a bug. Uka’s dad was great, nice to see the dad seems to be only motivated in his daughters happiness rather than his wifes intetions.

    Touka is going to have to realize sooner or later his feelings he has for Uka, or maybe he already has and is simply ignoring them. Also I think he needs to be proactive and talk with Inari about the consequences of her using her power. I do not follow why they could not explain to Inari without fear that she would all together reject her powers. Plus why would Inari not be able to see Aku if she removed her power, because she was able to see her prior to her giving her it. Same for Touka.

    The big question is who will free Uka from her prison. Touka? Inari? or will they simply let it play out as a senario where she will loose memory of them if left out of reach for so long?

    Either way cannot wait for next weeks episode.

  • By Zeruel, March 11, 2014 @ 8:42 am

    Not sure if they ever answered how Inari seen her prior to her receiving her power. It could be because she’s visited the shrine so much that she has absorbed it over time. As for Uka in prison, I see them taking an episode of heart breaking separation before Touka charges in with Inari. You know they will both be fighting for that.

    I HOPE (HOPE!) they don’t go the route of Inari forgetting about her, then realized she’s forgotten something important. It’s just too typical.

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