Episode 8 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


While the events that happened 6 years ago that involved Cecile and her mother still remain a mystery to even Cecile, forces still work behind the scenes to unlock her final powers for the appointed time.  Even going so far as involving her father.

Things wrap up after the murderer is apprehended and Cecile is cleared thanks to the convenient arrival of the Shark Knight officials.  After parting ways with Kaede, Bon mentions a sense of murderous intent but is quickly struck down for being a pervy frog.  That aside, Cecile and Hotaru finally arrive in Canada and make their way to Cecile’s home.

e8barristers3After arriving, Hotaru is left alone with Cecile’s father who thanks her for being Cecile’s friend.  Mainly because she has never had friends growing up and most kids picked on her.  Hotaru mentions Cecile’s desire to clear her mother’s name and requests him to explain what happened during the incident 6 years ago.  While it seemed he was willing to divulge, Cecile returns and the conversation ends.

As Hotaru and Cecile spend some time in Cecile’s room, Hotaru notices a picture with Cecile and an unknown boy (who looks oddly similar to Moyo).  Cecile said he was her first crush when she arrived in Japan, but without explaining too much, she says they can no longer see each other.  When Hotaru asks about the incident from 6 years ago, Cecile explains that she can’t remember a single thing about it and that her parents told her that her mom killed someone to protect her.

Elsewhere, after wrapping up a visit to the beaches, the rest of the Butterfly Law Firm members are taken to a secluded building as a trap placed by the Grimoire 365 members.  Turns out Diana had lured them there in order to kill them.  Glad that Cecile had left before because she didn’t know if she could outdo her powers.  Hachiya and Kabutohara exchange blows with Diana, but things look rather grim for them.  At some point Diana mentions Marcel, which Hachiya recalls the women involved in a murder case mentioning Labone and Marcel with her dying breath after speaking about the Grimoire 365.

e8barristers5Back in Canada, Cecile and Hotaru take a boat trip out in a nearby lake when suddenly a gigantic metamoloid appears and attacks.  Thrown back on shore, the two exchange fire with the metamoloid with no effect.  Cecile’s father arrives and pleads for Cecile never to use her magic, but just then the metamoloid fires and destroys her home.  Struck with grief at the loss of her dear memories of her family together, Cecile’s hair charms finally shatters, releasing her powers.

She summons her metamoloid which draws metal from a far off city, building it to its full size.  She destroys the enemy, ripping its core out that spews out Kaede.  When asked why she attacked them, she reveals that her father was one of the men that was put away during Cecile’s first trial.  A man confronted her and listened to her, then offering her to take her vengeance out on Cecile and unlock her power as the only way to find peace in her situation.  Though before she could reveal who the man was, she is killed in a similar fashion as most Wuds die in Wizard Court.  At the same time, back in Boston, Diana also meets the same fate when she nearly tells the Butterfly Law team the same name.

We get a shot of the lake where Moyo stands on the water.  She mocks the two wizards for nearly revealing the secret too early, insinuating that she killed them both.  While she teleports back to Butterfly Law Offices, the Shark Knight members witness her from a distance.  Following this, we move to an office where Shizumu tells an unknown man that Kaede and Diana had abandoned their mission too early and disappeared.  He addresses the man as his father, and asks if they should kill Cecile “again”.  The man responds that she’s evolving quicker than expected and may become the catalyst soon.  That the moment for them to obtain their power is drawing near.

e8barristers9After all the ordeals, Cecile visits her mother.  Offering her a picture they salvaged from their home.  She apologizes for not being able to protect their home and in her own mind has a bolstering of her desire to research more into the past.

This round we got a good episode.  Plenty of reveals into the Grimoire 365 and more insight into Cecile’s past.  Seems she possibly has been killed before and reborn.  Perhaps during the happenings 6 years ago.  Moyo was revealed to be quite deep in the happenings of Cecile’s powers being unlocked, but I still feel she’s separate from the Grimoire 365.  Perhaps she’s letting them have their way in order for her to grow stronger and fight them off.

I say this because of Moyo’s love for Cecile.  Which after seeing the photo in Cecile’s room of her first crush, I feel that the picture is either of Moyo taking a boy figure or perhaps it’s Moyo’s brother.  That’s all speculation but the resemblance is uncanny.  It was also nice to see that the “coincidences” of Kaede and the Shark Knight brothers was just them having their own motives.  I’m not quite sure why Cecile and Hotaru didn’t see that as a bit odd.

I’m excited to see more unraveled in the following episode.  The preview promises some reveals about the incident 6 years ago which has been dangling in front of our faces for quite some time.

Episode 8: Saint Christopher Charm





  • Good reveals
  • More of Moyo
  • Good combat sequences


  • Excessive CG

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