Episode 9 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


As Uka remains locked up in the Heavenly Cave by Amaterasu in an effort to remedy Uka’s recent connection to Inari, Inari’s previous actions come back to bite her. As an angered friend of Minami pushes her to her limit, a catalyst is created that could cause a great tragedy.

Minami by some chance ends up realizing Inari and Koji have feelings for eachother.This pushes her to confront Koji about the letter she gave Inari to give to him, apologizing for not realizing that she was in fact interfering with a relationship. However since Koji never received that letter, since Inari lost it and instead transformed into her in order to deliver the message, he denies ever receiving it and leaves Minami to believe Inari threw it away.

e9kon9While the school visits a local shrine for a cleanup project, Minami’s grief is noticed by her friends. This causes one of them, Kangetsu, to tell many of the students to ignore Inari and her friends in an act of revenge. Quickly Inari and her friends notice this behavior and thus they confront students to discover the source.

Inari, in realizing that it was all because of her, rushes to see Kangetsu in an effort to clear her friends of the grief. Though Kangetsu doesn’t accept her apology and instead calls Inari out for discarding Minami’s letter. Inari is unable to refute their claims do to her use of her deity powers and is also unable to tell them how she delivered the message. After Kangetsu claims Inari got close to Akemi to get closer to Koji, Maru grabs her and refutes her claims. Kangetsu retaliates by throwing Maru to the ground.

Inari becomes overcome with emotion which triggers an incredible amount of powers to flow from her body. The entire region begins to shake and Uka is alarmed from within the Heavenly Gate. Inari, lost within herself, claims her hatred for the girls before her. However Uka cries out for her from within the cave, sending a presence of herself through the door and beyond the barrier created by Amaterasu. This presence comforts Inari and tells her that she will protect her. This calms Inari and quells her powers.

Afterwards Inari and the other girls with her head to the base of the mountain with the other students. There Minami who was filled in on the situation by Akemi confronts Kangetsu about her actions. During this, Inari fills with sorrow and apologizes to Kangetsu. Instead of making excuses, she apologizes for throwing her letter away. When Minami asks if she has feelings for Koji, she nods in agreement. After a stern look from Akemi, Kangetsu apologizes as well.

Touka arrives at the shrine and demands to know if Inari had caused the quake with her powers. Though before she can respond, Miyu arrives with a warning that Uka is fading away. This is when Touka reveals what Uka had told him, that Inari’s use of power is causing Uka to fade away from existence, and that she has refused to take her powers back in fear of fading away from Inari.

e9kon6After Kon and the rest of the spirits light a way for her to get to Uka, Inari rushes along the path and claims that she will protect Uka this time. That she will give her power back.

A very powerful episode. While the build up involving all the girls ignoring Inari and her friends felt a little silly, it served its purpose and created quite the encounter. I have to admit, I wanted Inari to blast those girls!

The exchange between Inari and Minami had me tearing up. I’m glad to see Minami wasn’t at fault here, because I really enjoyed her contribution to the series. While short, she triggered some major changes for the cast.

I’m really saddened by Uka fading, and I’m already foreseeing this show tugging at some heart-strings here soon. Though we have quite a few more episodes left to go through, so I’m curious just what else the show has in store.

Episode 9: Fox, Twilight, Milky Way





  • Lots of emotion
  • Awesome power scene
  • Building climax


  • More useless yuri moments
  • Odd conflict moments

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  • By Neowned, March 13, 2014 @ 10:23 am

    Only happy solution I can see happeing is if Inari and Uka end up sharing there essences. As in Inari and Uka both become half deity/human. If Uka is able to share here God essence with Inari, could Inari not share her human essence with Uka? Leaving them both able to pursue both of their love interests.

    I have a sinking feeling tho that your might be correct. Only way to restore Uka is for Inari to release her power along with all ties to Uka. The only glairing loose thread is how Touka can see Uka even tho she did not share any of her godly powers with him. Well hope these few episodes end the series on a great note.

    As always enjoy your reviews.

  • By SapphireWolf, March 13, 2014 @ 2:55 pm

    no matter how far into the show we go its just beautiful. i was struck inparticular this time by the music. i noticed it a few times this show but this time it struck it out of the park. this show has the whole package. it will be a major turn of events to not get my pick of the season. this is just a special gem this season.

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