Episode 9 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


Things are heating up on Wizard Barristers as we finally get some insight into what exactly happened 6 years ago for Cecile and her mother. The case is revealed and the pawns in effect are making their move as Cecile’s life hangs in the balance to something that has been in the works for 6 years or even longer.

Right from the start we are thrown into a flash back telling of what happened at Cecile’s mom’s trial.  As well as the happenings as told by the prosecution.  According to the prosecution, Sudo Cecile and her mother Sudo Megumi were visiting Cecile’s friend Oda Akua when they were taken hostage.  The father of the household, Inspector Oda Kyosuke arrived and a gunfire broke out.  Cecile was shot by Oda during the shootout and Megumi in a fit of revenge, turned and killed Oda.

e9barristers6According to Megumi, during the hostage situation a bullet struck Cecile and she desired to take her to the hospital.  However Inspector Oda, in fear of losing his job for shooting Cecile, attempted to kill both of them with explosives the criminals had.  So she was forced to killed him.

After the defense lacked any closing statement, Judge Shindaiji lays down a guilty charge and banishes Sudo Megumi from the room.  Flash forwarding to present day, Cecile struggles with getting more information out of her mother regarding the case.  Trying to tie in what Kaede told her in Canada, she tries to find out if anything suspicious was present at the trial that she missed.

After getting no new leads, and having the wizard barrister assigned to her mother’s case brush her off, she confronts Professor Shindaiji about the case.  Being as he was the judge for the case, Cecile assumes Moyo’s name in order to get a meeting with him.  Though her questioning of suspicious activity at the trial infuriates the judge who then has her leave the building.

Though her actions aren’t without some promise.  Being that she has no one to turn to, she asks Shizumu from the police force to aid in her investigation.  While they take a trip out on a swan boat, things turn a little more personal as they are nearly capsized and Cecile falls over on Shizumu.  Embarrassment aside, Shizumu agrees to look into the police file for her mother’s case.

e9barristers5Ageha confronts Cecile about her recent actions and about her talking to Shindaiji.  While not angry about her actions, she questions why Cecile doesn’t trust her co-workers at Butterfly Law Offices.  Instead, Ageha wishes for Cecile to see her co-workers as friends since the all care deeply for her and are at the same time worried for her.

During a ceremony run by the Macal clan, they sacrifice more eyes for the summoning of Lucifer.  Shizumu watches in horror and demands that the sacrifices made be kept to a minimum.  Though his father asks him how close he is to unlocking Cecile’s full potential, he claims that they are close.  Later when Shizumu is alone, he nearly throws away the trinket given to him by Cecile, but it’s obvious his feelings for her are causing him to struggle in his campaign to aid the Macal.

The following day, Cecile awaits a meeting with Shizumu to get the files regarding her mother’s case.  But before they meet, Kiba from the Shark Knight Law Office grabs Cecile and flees.  He claims it will be all over if Shizumu gets a hold of Cecile.  While Cecile refuses to follow, Shizumu attacks using magic, thus revealing his identity as a Wud.  In the midst of the smoke, Kiba and Cecile get away.

While Cecile questions what’s going on, Kiba doesn’t know where to start.  He tells her that everything started 6 years ago when she first died.  To which Cecile is obviously puzzled.

e9barristers2Great episode!  For once we got some meaty insight into what happened 6 years ago.  I’m still holding to my theory that Cecile was the one that killed Inspector Oda and that her mother is covering for her.  It would be a good reason why her mother never told her everything that happened.  Of course the fact of her dying is a good reason too, now that I think about it.

It’s becoming more and more clear that Shizumu will defect from his clan to protect Cecile as he becomes closer and closer to her.  He obvious wasn’t trying too hard to attack her in the alleyway during their confrontation.  Though it seemed like a silly way to let the cat out of the bag for them.

Next episode looks like it’ll be a doosey as Kiba will likely fill Cecile in on the real story.  It’s obvious that the Shark Knights have been following the Macal clan for some time.

Episode 9: Secret Puzzle





  • Great reveals
  • Solid plot turns
  • Good character build


  • Some unneeded scenes

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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