Episode 9 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


Whether you’re a big corporation of retail products or a company bent on world domination, everyone needs a company vacation.  That’s the silly plot point of this episode of World Conquest Zvezda Plot.  And while very typical to have the usual hot springs episode shoveled in, it ended up being filled with some funny and even game changing effect on the story as a whole.

e9zvezda9Renge and Asuta are taking a trip together to a remote hot spring as their cover story has them both having a company trip conveniently to the same place.  While Asuta wishes their time alone will never end, once they arrive things change.  Right from the start, the elderly owners require that they wear masks when within the property as visitors are generally there to hide their identity.  Typically writers, actors, or politicians.  To add to that, the company trip they are both embarking on is just that.  Renge is there with the White Lights and Asuta is there with the Zvezdas.  Though both sides don’t seem to know they’re there (yet).

As White Robin (Renge) takes a much-needed break at the hot springs with White Egret (Miki), Robin talks about purchasing a souvenir for someone she admires greatly.  When Egret asks who that would be, Robin divulges her admiration for Miki and how she’s done so many great things for her, even if she may not know it.  Even though Egret tries to point out that Miki might have been fooling her, Robin denies it by explaining her reasoning.  This puts Egret in a state of blush and only solidifies her desire to protect Renge and her innocence.

As the Zvezda company gets settled and comfortable, Asuta is soon faced with an unwanted guest in the hot springs as Kate finds a hole connecting the two springs.  While her innocent nature makes herself at home, he embarrassingly dislikes the confrontation.  Afterwards Kate commandeer his cloths and leaves the springs but not before telling him about his Dva mask being able to produce him his outfit.

Convenient, but when he bumps into White Robin, things turn a little weird.  Since both Robin and Dva seem to favor peace, they instead sit down for a drink.  Confirming that both sides don’t know each other are there (to their knowledge), they make a pact to keep their encounter a secret in order to keep peace within the spring.  However as they part ways, White Egret is seen witnessing their encounter and seeming not so pleased at Dva’s possible effect on Robin.

e9zvezda8After a large party that civilians and Zvezda have together, Asuta takes Kate back to her room due to her falling asleep.  When he arrives the old lady that owns the hot spring arrives with a note from Robin.  When Asuta arrives at the place the note details, he’s confronted by White Egret instead who claims that she will defeat him to protect Robin.  After she begins her assault, the entire hot spring is thrown in chaos.  White Falcon seemingly handles an entire hot spring full of monkeys as well as Natasha.  The civilians within the Zvezda party reveal themselves as either Zvezda or White Light minions and start battling.  Even the old lady and old man who runs the spring reveal that they are both on opposing side of the battle and begin their assault on each other over Kate’s slumbering state.

White Robin rushes to the scene where Dva and White Egret battle.  As she arrives from a distance she witnesses White Egret explaining the reason why Dva cannot defeat her.  She pulls her mask away to reveal to Dva that she’s in fact Miki and that he cannot defeat the girl he once loved.  Though Dva claims he doesn’t care about her anymore, Miki mocks him by claiming he’ll propose to Venera (Kate) next.  As Miki begins another assault, Robin rescues him in the midst of the cloud of dust and smoke.

While Robin struggles with the identity of White Egret, she collapses with Dva in tow.  His mask falls off revealing his identity to her thus leaving her with two huge reveals to deal with.  As she mocks herself for not realizing the truth, Asuta awakens causing her to knock him back out accidentally.  Later Asuta awakens in the woods alone pondering if everything was just a dream.

The following day the Zvezda company heads back into town and Asuta joins with Renge to return by bus.  However as they arrive back in town Asuta quickly realizes that the entire town is in rubble and smoke.

e9zvezda2A pretty funny episode packed with some good highlights.  Renge finally discovering some identities was pretty solid, but I have to admit that Miki’s hot headedness in this episode was rather silly.  I got a huge laugh out of the elderly couple doing battle in the end, but was kinda miffed at not seeing some kind of resolution after it was all over.

I’ll be interested to see just what happened to the town while everyone was away.  It’s obvious that the governor has finally made his move because both the White Lights and the Zvezda group were at the hot spring during everything.  With the fact that recently the White Lights have been becoming more and more humanized, it’s no stretch to say that Zvezda and them may be joining forces soon.

While I can say that I’m a little disappointed that the show didn’t keep Zvezda as the enemy, giving us a perspective of the villains.  It’s still turning out entertaining enough.  Perhaps they’ll surprise me with the happenings with the governor and how the White Lights will choose their side.

Episode 9: Steamy Masquerade





  • Big reveals
  • Solid laughs
  • Funny plot concept


  • No closure for the elderly

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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