Episode 1 Impressions: Captain Earth


Mecha anime are quite a dividing subject of anime. You either dig them, or you don’t. Though when Studio Bones and Director Takuya Igarashi take on a project, no matter your alignment, you just have to take note. The question however becomes if this team can really create something that can set itself aside from the typical mecha stigma.

Daichi Manatsu is a struggling student dealing with an emptiness that he can’t quite figure out. Though it may be due in part by the loss of his father when he was a child. His father was known as being an astronaut that died in space after an event that is clouded in secrecy. Though a friend of his father took him under his care and regarded him as a great Captain.

While mankind doesn’t seem to know about an incredible threat in space, a group is underway in defending it from an unknown all-mechanical lifeform Kill-T-Gang that is attacking earth. It’s a group that Daichi himself has stumbled upon once when he was a child, though he doesn’t quite know it.

Several years before the current timeframe, Daichi wondered the space island of Tanegashima when he happened across a boy his age named Teppei Arashi. They spent some time playing a spontaneous game of taking turns impressing each other in order to win a pendant Daichi’s father gave him. Jumping off of high places, catching a boomerang, and eventually Teppei revealing some sort of magical power he possess.

After some time, Teppei takes Daichi down into the deepest part of the station they were playing at. Inside they come to a large chamber that houses a sleeping girl holding an odd piece of equipment. While Teppei claims she never wakes up, Daichi touches the bubble she’s contained in and awakens her. As they leave the building, Teppei attempts to give Daichi his pendant back for once again surprising him, however they are suddenly interrupted by a group of officials that separate them.

e1captain8Back at the present time, Daichi is visiting some friends at a residence when a breaking news is aired on the TV. A rainbow-colored ring has appeared above the Tanegashima space station that looks exactly like the magic Teppei showed Daichi so many years ago. This leads him to visiting the Tanegashima island again in order to uncover the secret behind his childhood and what really happened to his father.

Upon arriving at the same chamber he entered with Teppei, the lock on the door suddenly comes off by some unknown force. He enters deep into the facility before finding himself lost but is found by a young girl who waves him into an elevator. Taking the elevator deep into the belly of the facility, he finds himself alone in a large room with the girl who shows him an incoming enemy heading for earth.

Desperate to want to help stop it, he cries out for whatever means he can get to help. The girl points to his hand that now holds an odd gun-like device and he’s then transported to a hangar where a man in a coat asks him if he’s a Captain. He replies that he doesn’t know if he is, but he knows he must do something to stop the threat that is coming for earth.

Much to the amazement of the defense forces fighting the Kill-T-Gang, Daichi is transported up into space via a rocket and passes through each of the equipment gates that have suddenly activated. His robotic suit known as the “Earth Engine” is equipped with gigantic modifications that increase its size and power by great amounts. Once fitted, he charges into battle to face the Kill-T-Gang with no guidance given.

e1captain1I admit that I’m not a fan of the mecha genre, so take anything I say from this point with a grain of salt. I was actually surprisingly hooked from the beginning of this show. The animation work is very well done with great colors and smooth animation. I also failed to notice any real heavy CG or anything of that nature. It just meshed well with the regular animation.

I also enjoyed the characters and their designs. The whole interaction between Teppei and Daichi was cute and entertaining. However it’s when the show transferred to the mecha stuff that things got boring. There was a huge segment of time that was just wasted on an obnoxiously long transformation sequence between the original Earth Engine to the fully built version. Sadly, we didn’t even get to see it in action after all of that wasted time.

If you’re not a fan of mecha, I figure you’re like me and not going to find much here. I may give it another episode but I fail to see if this is going to keep my interest. Seeing as the part I didn’t enjoy was the mecha related stuff.

Episode 1





  • Good characters
  • Great presentation


  • Typical mecha
  • Long boring transformation

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