Episode 1 Impressions: Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara


Henneko brought an interesting take on the typical school comedy routine with its quirky set of abilities given to the main protagonist.  While My Mental Choices was an interesting follow-up to this concept, it fell short due to a un-evolving concept.  Hopefully Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (or Gaworare), which is loosely translated If Her Flag Breaks, will prove to better this formula and not fall flat.

Hatate Souta is starting his first day at Hatagaya Academy High School after a rough morning. Souta has a secret ability to see flags above people’s heads. This can be anything from romance, friendship, and even death. He also instinctively knows how to break those flags, possibly saving a life or ending friendships. On the way to school while standing at a intersection, a businessman near him had a death flag. While a truck was nearly going to veer into them, a comment about the man’s business deal shattered the flag and saved their lives.

Though this doesn’t go unnoticed as a girl named Nanami Knight Bladefield was there from his new class. She is interested in him and finds the whole ordeal fishy. After embarrassing herself in front of class by standing up in shock upon his arrival, as well as witnessing him shoot down friendship offers and other interesting proposals, she invites him to talk on the roof of the school.

Once there Nanami manages to push Souta into revealing his ability to see and break flags. Though he also mentions that he was the sole survivor of the Premium Ambriel disaster, considering himself a curse and danger to others. For this reason he seeks to separate himself from others. Though Nanami refuses to leave him be, as if not wanting him to be depressed as he is.

Later at lunch, another girl approaches Souta. Mahougasawa Akane who ends up being heir to the owner of the filthy rich Mahougasawa Group. She asks if she can eat with Souta with a friendship flag. He quickly declines and breaks her flag. However unlike others that have their flag shattered, hers quickly pops back and she asks again to sit with him. This puzzles Souta as well as Nanami, but Souta finally allows her to sit near him.

e1flag4After Akane is introduced by Nanami, Souta is shocked by her inheritance. However Akane doesn’t find it as special as Nanami being a princess of the Principality of Bladefield. Apparently royalty of a country in the backwaters of Europe according to Nanami.

Later after school, Akane confronts Nanami and Souta about walking home together. It’s at this point that Souta questions why Akane feels the need to befriend him. Akane oddly enough describes him as a lost puppy who is caught in the rain. While this doesn’t help his moral, the 3 leave for home. Or more accurately, to visit Souta’s home.

Turns out Souta lives in a run down and abandoned building in the outskirts. While the two girls question its stability, Souta finds himself happy to just have a place to stay. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Souta excuses himself to the restroom. While he’s away, Nanami again asks what Akane’s fascination with Souta is. Akane over time reveals that she sees a lonely person in Souta, which is the same feeling she’s had before.

According to Akane, when she was a young girl she didn’t have any friends. When she had finally met someone her age while studying in a library, she was separated due to the girl being from a poor family. She feels she wasn’t able to save that “pitiable girl” as they described her. So she desires to save others instead, and Souta seems to be one of them. When Nanami realizes that her and Souta are not so different, she feels they would make a perfect couple.

While leaving the house for the night, Akane realizes that she left her pendant that she received from the girl from her past in Souta’s room. As she leaves to get it, Souta realizes she has a death flag above her head. He asks Nanami what they spoke about when he was away, and Nanami confirms that she recalled a sad memory. Apparently this causes death flags.

e1flag2Souta rushes into the building to find Akane who falls into a crack in the floor. When Souta comes to her side, he tries to break the flag by giving her encouraging words in relation to her past. However nothing seems to work. Suddenly Souta notices a small flag sprouting next to the death flag. He instinctively kisses Akane to cause a conquering romance flag to take over the death flag.

After Akane is deemed safe, and Nanami gives Souta a kick to the face, the girls take their leave from his home. Alone in the wash room, Souta glances in the mirror to see a large swirling death flag above his head.

I’m sadly disappointed in this first episode. It was rather drawn out and boring overall. There was a little bit of intrigue created by the final scenes but overall the characters fell flat and provided little to no humor with its hook.

Not to mention that each of the characters seem to follow some sort of trope to the point of irritating. Akane’s “desu” at the end of every other word got to the point of graining. Though that said, Souta seems to have a bit of an interesting personality contrary to other protagonists of this genre. I was also happy to see that the disaster of Souta’s past seems to be more than a quick flashback and has a bit more to do with things that I had originally assumed.

I’ll be giving this show another shot, however I’m not holding much hope in it.

Episode 1: I’m Going to Marry Her Once I Leave This School






  • Potential is there


  • Slow and boring
  • Little humor
  • Poor character design
  • Warning signs of overused archetypes

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, April 11, 2014 @ 12:53 pm

    I was a little interested in the series and form time to time I did start up and read the manga but was a little dissapointed. This show is a harem show, stopped reading when he picked up like gril #5 or was it 6? I forget, but yes falls heavily on the used formula. Any suggestions the a rom-com with a yandere, maybe because of a previous relationship but I can laugh about it now and want to watch.

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