Episode 1 Impressions: One Week Friends


Tired of high action and typical comedy?  One Week Friends is here to break the mold and bring you down to earth.  With a tragic telling of a girl unable to retain the most cherished of memories, a boy aims to become her friend despite the hurdle placed before him.

Yuki Hase is a school boy with a certain interest in his fellow class mate Kaori Fujimiya. Fujimiya noticeably distances herself from everyone who comes in contact with her and often sneaks away during lunch. One day, Hase confronts Fujimiya about becoming friends, but while she thanks him for the thought she denies his offer.

Hase, feeling defeated, returns to class to wallow in pity next to his friend Shogo Kiryu. When Kiryu finally asks what is bothering him, Hase gives him the lowdown on his situation. Hase questions why she can’t be friends to which Kiryu gives the obvious answer. Just ask her.

After Kiryu reveals that Fujimiya hangs out on the roof during lunch, Hase rushes off with little delay. On the roof, Hase asks Fujimiya why they can’t be friends. Assuming it’s because her parents are strict or someone told her not to. However Fujimiya claims she just can’t.

After some pondering, Hase finally comes up with a plan. Instead of becoming friends, they would just eat together. So he decides to show up daily to eat along side Fujimiya. Over time, their conversations increased more and more. To the point that Fujimiya became more open and friendly. Talking as if she’s making up for lost time.

e1week10Though it’s on the night of Thursday that Fujimiya becomes saddened. Realizing the reason why she doesn’t make friends. That friday, at lunch, Fujimiya seems more closed and sad in the presence of Hase. When Hase asks what’s wrong, Fujimiya claims once again that she can’t make friends. It’s at this time that Fujimiya finally comes clean with Hase. When Monday comes around, she’ll forget him. She has never been able to retain happy memories after a week. Only her memories of her parents remain.

While Hase doesn’t want to believe, he assures her that they aren’t friends, just like she said. So she’ll remember him. However, when monday rolls around Hase attempts to talk to Fujimiya in class but she turns with a cold gaze and asks him what he wants. It’s at the point that Hase realizes that she was telling him the truth. While Hase could leave in anger or frustration, instead he does exactly what he decided at that point. To ask her over and over, to be friends.

As hinted at in the opening, this show is definitely something different to break the mold of high action and comedies this season. To come into this show expecting anything fast paced or heavy would be incorrect. Instead it is slow-paced, filled with some slice of life, and tied together by a sad story.

e1week6That said, I really enjoyed this episode. Fujimiya is adorable and Hase is a fairly cool guy. I also enjoyed Kiryu and his little pep talks. Just laying out some enjoyable characters has really raised my hopes for the show.

I really enjoy the art direction as well. Similar to Wolf Children, it’s very soft and heartwarming of a style. Not overly detailed, but just pleasing to the eyes. It’s the little things like stray hairs and not perfect blocky hair that makes for great design.

I will say however that I have some reservations on just what they can do with this concept for 11 more episodes. I just hope they don’t kill the concept and drag it out. But I guess that remains to be seen. Expect more impressions on this series as it continues throughout this season!

Episode 1: Beginning of a Friendship





  • Tragic concept
  • Down to earth
  • Good characters
  • Great design


  • Concept being dragged out
  • Overusing concepts

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, April 8, 2014 @ 12:55 pm

    This show so far is way ahead of the other summer offerings simply becuase sometimes you just need a show to tug at the ol heart strings to make you feel aware of the impact a well designed show can do.

    I can not help but feel for Fuji and her constant emotional pain and isolation tht she must endure only to have it erased and begin again. Best show of the summer? Hopefully.

  • By Zeruel, April 8, 2014 @ 2:57 pm

    It really depends on where they take it from here. Hopefully it doesn’t drag out. Maybe another Inari Konkon, but with a powerful ending this time.

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