Episode 1 Impressions: The World is Still Beautiful


The World is Still Beautiful, or Still World is Beautiful, is a series premiering this season that follows the princess of the Rain Kingdom as she deals with her assigned marriage to the Sun King of another country. While he has conquered regions in only 4 years, the princess will be stunned to discover that his stature and looks aren’t what one would suspect.

e1beautiful6Princess Nike Lemercier is the fourth sovereign daughter from the Principality of Rain in the far east. She travels to the kingdom of the Sun in order to be married to the King of the Sun. However after ditching her escorts in order to meet the people of the land, she soon discovers an atmosphere she didn’t expect.

Once arriving in the harbor town Lepion, she quickly finds the people to be as dry as the air itself. Though after she’s robbed of her briefcase, she is taken in by a kind family and fed. After consuming her fill, she explains to the kind family her situation in becoming the princess of the kingdom itself. While at first they don’t believe her, her story is quite detailed (sort of).

Apparently after her father (the king of the Rain kingdom) had been in talks with the Sun King, it was decided that their kingdoms would come into partnership after having him wed one of his daughters. Oddly after a game of rock-paper-scissors, it was decided that Nike of the 4 daughters would be chosen. Though their description of the Sun King is quite odd in that he managed to conquer most of the region in just 4 years of being in power. But also that he may be a pervert.. and may also be bald.. and have horns..

Though not everyone is keen on this decision. Behind closed doors, a group plots Nike’s death in order to prevent the marriage. For them, the marriage means that the kingdom of Rain will lose its autonomy. After overhearing the two thugs talk about stealing Nike’s luggage, the conspiring men hire them to kidnap the princess.

e1beautiful5After Nike fails to get a caravan to take her to the capitol Ginitariques where the King awaits her arrival, she instead chooses to work for some money to pay for the trip. Though after settling in, the two thugs arrive and kidnap one of the daughters of the family she is staying with. After Nike catches up with them, they turn their weapons on her and she uses the wind to cut their blade in half and send them flying.

After things settle down, Nike forces the thugs to give her a ride to the capitol after bidding her friends farewell. Though after arriving at the capitol, she ends up getting into a confrontation with the guards before they are finally shown the letter she was supposed to show to prove her identity. Once gaining an audience with the king, it’s revealed that the Sun King himself is a rather short and cute man rather than the preconceived brute of a king.

I’m rather conflicted as to if this will be a good show or not. While the characters were likeable, the overall storytelling fell short. Nothing grabbed me and the typical jokes and tropes were at the forefront.

That said, I got quite a few chuckles out of the show. Including the whole flashback sequence about how the marriage was decided by a game of rock-paper-scissors. It had some good heart and I didn’t feel displeased while watching it.  I’m also pretty sure the boldness of the protagonist will turn out to be quite humorous in the end.

The overall visual style is overly simple and nothing to write home about. It does well but at no point does it feel like much care was put into designs and animation. I’ll continue watching it, so expect more impressions in the future.

Episode 1: The Sun Kingdom





  • Good characters
  • Cute concept
  • Decent animation


  • Tropes
  • Predictable storytelling
  • Typical romance story

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.