Episode 2 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


After two episodes, one can finally claim that the second season of Mushi-shi will be just as beautiful as its original animated series. Fusing together great storytelling, artistic visuals, and truly breath-taking musical scores.

Near the shoreline Ginko comes in contact with a small village of fisherman as well as a peculiar mushi that brings forth an ill omen. Called the Yadokaridori (hermit crab bird) or Saezurigai (warbling shell), they normally fly above the sea to eat small shreds of seaweed. However when they sense fear, they hide away inside small shells on the shore line while chirping to warn their brethren. Due to this bad omen, Ginko tries to warn the locals who all seem confident of their ability to prevent “another tragedy”.

Mina, who lives with her father isolated from the local village, often frequents the shore to listen to the seashells. However one day she brings a chirping shell to her ear and suddenly falls into a dazed state. A girl from the village named Shima, who is the elder’s daughter, finds Mina and tries to help her. Though her father arrives and takes her away from Shima, seemingly disliking the sight of the girl. When he realizes his daughter is trying to speak but can’t, Ginko arrives to confirm that she indeed listened to the sound of the mushi bird.

However there seems to be no cause of alarm. While listening to the mushi too close causes one to forget how to speak, according to Ginko, she will remember how to speak by listening to others talk. This said, Ginko takes his leave to continue his investigation of the omen.

Overtime, we learn of what this “tragedy” was that befell the village 10 years ago. The elder had taken a boat out for their regular deep-sea fishing when a large shark had appeared and taken the life of Mina’s mother. Thus filling the ocean with a crimson blood color. Mina’s father Sakichi blames himself for not being there to protect her and makes it his duty to keep Mina safe from anything and everyone. This causes him to isolate himself from the village and prevent his daughter Mina from interacting with the locals.

e2mushishi4Despite Sakichi’s distrust for the town, the village elder still visits him. Asking for him to come back to the village where it’s safe. Despite failing in protecting Sakichi’s wife, he vows that never again will anyone face such tragedy on his watch. With the impending omen, he fears for Sakichi and Mina’s safety and says that he will come again to see them.

One night Ginko realizes that the chirping from the mushi had finally stopped. Seeing that they now hide deeper within the shells, he warns the locals of the soon to come disaster. The village as well as Sakichi and Mina seek higher ground and watch the ocean shore. Suddenly they notice the ocean turn to a crimson blood color causing many to remember the tragedy 10 years ago. On the surface of the water, all of the fish float to the top dead.

With the morning’s come, the villagers spend hours pulling the dead fish from their nets. While the village elder fears for the future of the village and seeks to do some deep-sea fishing that has not been performed in 10 years, Sakichi arrives and warns them of the dangers of eating the clams and deep water creatures due to the poison of the blood. Ginko arrives to agree to this since the mushi have yet to leave their shells, confirming yet more bad omens.

When the elder claims that they may starve, Sakichi nudges Mina forward who offers a bag. It contains a pearl that Mina had found while deep-sea diving. Sakichi believes it won’t be much but it could tide the village over until the seas clear. He also asks if he and Mina can rejoin the village once again. The elder, still feeling guilt over the loss of Sakichi’s wife, is filled with sorrow and humbly accepts their offer.

e2mushishi1At a later time, Mina is found walking the shore with a few of the villages young. Suddenly she feels a brush across her arm and notices a small bird like mushi emerging from a shell. Like a flood, these mushi begin fluttering from the shoreline and into the sky. As one of the girls calls out to Mina, she replies and runs off to rejoin them.

Once again, words cannot describe how beautiful this show is. The clever mixing of the omen, the infliction from the mushi, and a story of tragedy and isolation was great. Adding in the absolutely stunning musical scores that just make the mood at each point. It’s just hard to find any wrong in this series so far. By far a must watch.  I actually found myself tearing up when the elder was asked if they could rejoin the village.

Episode 2:The Warbling Sea Shell





  • Immersive world
  • Beautiful music
  • Great storytelling


  • None

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