Episode 2 Impressions: One Week Friends


Another week passes and with it comes another heart tugging episode of One Week Friends. When last we left our two friends, Fujimiya had completed another week of relapse in her unknown illness of forgetfulness. Causing her to completely forget the first week of friendship she had with Hase.

Not being one to give up on his new-found friend, Hase once again repeats something he claims he’ll repeat time and time again. He asks Fujimiya if they can be friends. Being puzzled by his action as well as not knowing who he is, Fujimiya storms out of the room and leaves Hase in a saddened state.

Enter Hase’s friend Kiryu who once again picks his friend up from a pitiful state and reminds him that lunch is nearly over. Though before Hase can pick himself up to rush and speak with Fujimiya, the bell tolls and thus ends his opportunity for the day.

That night Fujimiya realizes that her prior week of lunches are lost from her memory. Due to the fact that she always eats alone, the knowledge of her eating lunch is in tact each and every week. When she asks her mother if she mentioned anything out of the norm the previous week, her mother replies that she had not.

Thankfully, the following day, Hase musters the strength to meet Fujimiya on the roof during lunch. He requests to sit next to her once again, and while Fujimiya is frightened by his actions, she soon realizes that he has in fact met with her on the roof before. Fitting together the puzzle that he stated that he wanted to eat together “again” and because she had forgotten the previous week of lunches.

For this reason, Fujimiya opens up to Hase very quickly. Knowing that Hase is in fact a friend and can be trusted. But Hase has a plan in mind to help Fujimiya in the form of a diary. He suggests that she keep a diary of what they do in order to help her remember the following Monday. While Fujimiya claims she has done it once before, Hase’s positive attitude pushes her to accepting his proposal. Not only does she write down who Hase is, but also minor details like what he’s eating.

e2week4A few days later, Fujimiya is given another flyer for a crepe store that is soon to open. At lunch, she shows it to Hase with a bit of excitement. Though Hase mentions that she had shown him the flyer the previous week, to which embarrasses Fujimiya and causes her to put the flyer away in fear of boring him. Though Hase doesn’t mind it and suggests they visit the crepe shop together. While Fujimiya is embarrassed to the idea of being seen together, they instead decide to meet up on Sunday to go.

When Sunday rolls around, they head to the crepe shop together only to find it closed for Sundays. While each party claims responsibility and apologizes, Hase suggests that they go to a karaoke establishment instead. To which Fujimiya accepts with great excitement.

After many hours of karaoke, Hase and Fujimiya take a train home. On the way they come to a realization that Fujimiya will once again forget all the fun they had the next day. Though Fujimiya points out that with her diary, she won’t treat Hase with such a cold attitude. Hase finds comfort in this while pointing out the fear he had the past Monday, not wanting to make her hate him with his second first impression. When Fujimiya apologizes for the trouble, Hase gives her encouraging words and promises that they will overcome it. As Fujimiya exits at her stop, she turns and asks Hase to tell her all bout their day together.

Preparing for her lapse in memory that night, Fujimiya sets up a sign on her door telling herself that Hase is a friend and to read all about him in the journal. Before turning in for the night, she springs back out of bed to write even more in her diary. As if not wanting to miss a thing.

e2week1The following day, Monday, Hase encounters Fujimiya on the roof once again. This time, she springs forward in an almost hesitant state and plays off that even though she read a bit about him, she remembers many things. Though it’s quickly snuffed out that she in fact remembers nothing and only read about their fun times together. It becomes quite clear that she finds pain in the writings as it’s something she wishes she could remember for him. When Hase realizes the grief he had caused her by reading her memories, he apologizes in that he created the idea to skip a step. The step of their weekly first meeting.

Fujimiya responds by writing in her journal that Hase created the journal idea for his own selfish desires, but apologized because he’s a good friend. While stunned at first, Hase is happy to see that she still finds him to be a kind person. When he requests once again to be friends, Fujimiya comically ponders on it before agreeing.

Thank you SOO much for not taking the typical route ol’ great writer! I was happy to see that Fujimiya was able to piece everything together herself in their second meeting. The idea that she forgot her lunch time memories was a great direction that sped up the process and was very clever. I also enjoyed the take they took on the diary aftermath. I could just sense that Fujimiya was not recalling anything, but rather just reading someone else’s memories. Almost like when two good friends tell you about some amazing vacation they took together that you couldn’t be a part of. It was really heart breaking.

The train exit also tugged at my heart big time when Fujimiya asked him to tell her all about the day.  As if she was leaving behind a great deal of joy for him to pass on to her, even if she knew it wouldn’t be the same.

I said it last week, that I wasn’t sure if they could pull off another episode and that it could drag out. However the writing here impressed me once again. While I’ll once again claim that I can’t foresee where they can go from here, I openly accept them to blow me away all over again. I just love the heart and adorable nature of this show so far.

Episode 2: How to Spend Time With Friends





  • Another fantastic trip
  • So much heart
  • Avoiding tropes
  • Adorable moments


  • None

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  • By Neowned, April 16, 2014 @ 12:09 pm

    Time for the series to upgrade from a Diary to a Camcorder. Would be nice to see some progression to help besides her words written down, seeing as the diary help slightly.

  • By Wolf, April 16, 2014 @ 2:37 pm

    wow. great idea i dont think i would have thought of that.

    pictures would probibly be nice too.

  • By Zeruel, April 17, 2014 @ 8:39 am

    For some reason, no one in anime have camcorders. So I’d suspect a camera episode. Or voice memo!

  • By Neowned, April 17, 2014 @ 8:44 am

    I guess they all have amnesia when it comes to using the record options on cellphones 😛

  • By Zeruel, April 17, 2014 @ 8:50 am

    I was thinking of the same thing after I posted that lol Just about everyone in Japan has cellphones with cameras. Durarara seems like the only modern day series that acknowledges that.

  • By Wolf, April 17, 2014 @ 5:25 pm

    i dont know about that there was even a cell phone in this episode but he didnt use the record feature. ;-p

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