Episode 2 Impressions: Selector Infected WIXOSS


After an interesting start to the Selector Infected WIXOSS series, flaws are beginning to show their ugly heads that may jeopardize the series.  While it still has some redeeming qualities, they may ultimately be hampered by some terrible writing choices.

After an all night session of playing WIXOSS with her grandmother, Ruko seems to be a bit more versed in the game’s ins and outs. Though her confidence may fail in the coming events before her. After discussing the inherent ability of LRIG cards to sense Selectors, Ruko along with Yuzuki and Kazuki seek out to find and battle a local idol who is attending a nearby school.

Once they are confronted by the idol named Akira, they are beat to the punch by a shy and mysterious girl named Hitoe who challenges Akira. Though Akira notes that both Ruko and Yuzuki seek the same thing and invites everyone to a secluded location. Once there, Akira starts the match against Hitoe and Ruko along with Yuzuki are warped in as spectators.

With the battlefield in play, Hitoe spares no time in summoning a raven to fight alongside her LRIG named Midoriko. While Hitoe should have the upper hand with her green deck against Akira’s blue deck, it doesn’t seem to faze Akira much as she seems to take the occasion with a silly mood. After Akira’s LRIG Piriluk is assaulted, she counters by destroying several of Hitoe’s cards with her LRIG’s abilities. Veering into every secret of Hitoe’s deck.

e2wixoss6Eventually, this assault leaves Hitoe in a state of panic and hopelessness. Eventually, Akira uses her LRIG to see into the wish desires of Hitoe. Uncovering that she’s simply lonely and without friends. Akira begins mocking her and sends her LRIG on the offensive. As Midoriko tries to snap Hitoe out of her shock, the attack strikes Midoriko and knocks her out. Giving Akira the victory.

After the battle, Akira attempts to challenge Ruko and Yuzuki, but her LRIG takes its rest. After forcing Yuzuki to give her an email contact, the group heads to school. Seeing that Akira outmatched them greatly, Kazuki suggests Yuzuki upgrade her deck. Reluctantly, Yuzuki agrees to go to a nearby card shop that they used to frequent before. Since Kazuki was a big WIXOSS player before showing Yuzuki and having her LRIG drawn.

At the shop, Yuzuki is obviously uncomfortable as the shop owner helps them find some upgrades to her deck. While nothing seems to mesh well with her deck, Ruko seems to find a few that are neutral that could fit hers well. Despite them not being able to find any upgrades, Yuzuki and Kazuki spend some time alone at home to practice her hand. Though the situation causes her to become flustered and rush off to her room where she uncovers a picture she drew as a child. In a flash back, she drew a picture of her and Kazuki together, but after some mocking of their sibling status, she blacked out Kazuki from the drawing.

e2wixoss4The following day Yuzuki is hit with many emails from Akira seeking her battle. Once meeting up with Ruko, she tries to find a place to hide from Akira. After finding a nearby Karaoke shop, they spot Kazuki hanging out with the card shop owner and it becomes clear why Yuzuki found the visit uncomfortable. Since they shop owner and Kazuki seem to be dating. Ruko finds the pairing cute as she’s unknowing of Yuzuki’s pain at that moment. This causes Yuzuki to lash out at Ruko because she doesn’t understand that people playing the WIXOSS Selector game have real dreams and wishes. Calling Ruko out for not seeing why Hitoe’s loss was a tragic thing. That it’s all a game to her.

As Yuzuki runs off, Ruko is confronted by Hitoe who asks she politely for a battle. While later at a nearby park, Yuzuki is confronted by Akira who is surprised by Yuzuki’s new-found resolve.

Sadly I wasn’t too impressed by this episode. It just felt rushed and a lot of the drama felt forced. Akira’s all too typical attitude was annoying and the actions of the game were over dramatic. I still do not understand what in the world is happening in these games. While I don’t desire them to explain every detail about how the game plays, I would like to know why someone is winning and why someone is losing. Just what justifies one side to getting 4 attacks in a row? Is it an active system with no turns? Does it require resource cards to do a turns? If so, why did one side have so much resources so quickly?

I’m still eagerly awaiting some sort of hook in this show and I hope it comes soon. Yuzuki’s struggle with her brother is in no way a gripping storyline and the “I have no dreams” deal with Ruko is getting old really quick. It’s like they took one of the worst elements from Madoka Magica.. the indecisive protagonist in the midst of struggling support characters. ¬†Sadly my desire to continue this series will heavily rest on the next episode.

Episode 2: That Poisonous Meeting





  • Card shop was interesting
  • Good battle scene


  • Battles make no sense
  • Overly dramatic
  • No hook

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