Episode 2 Impressions: Soul Eater Not!


After a really good first episode of Soul Eater Not!, things were really looking up for this new spin-off series.  Possibly recapturing the fandom that made the original so great.  Though after seeing the next offering for this series, all of the fears and doubts that were assumed have finally come into the light.  Painting a completely different picture.

Opening the show Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme are being escorted to their new home at a nearby Girls’ only dorm. Though their escort Eternal Feather is left trying to wake Anya from some much-needed sleep. Back on track, they reach the dorm after quite a trek filled with casual conversation and a revealing of their ages all being 14.

At the dorm Eternal mentions the presence of a witch in the dorm that they should all be weary of. This fact hits Tsugumi much harder than the rest of the girls. Inside the dorm, they meet Kana Altair who is a sitting at a table with tarot cards. She reveals some very odd predictions based on her cards that Anya fails to take seriously. In response to Anya’s mocking, Kana begins to show her insulting cards before Anya is dragged away screaming.

Finally reaching their room the girls get settled in and claim their beds. Anya hides her jealousy at Meme getting the bed next to Tsugumi, but after denying it they carry on. Sometime during that night, Tsugumi is awakened by the dorm manager who seems to think Tsugumi is some sort of character from a story she’s obviously obsessed with. Seeking to readjust her nose to better fit the character’s description, the tied up Tsugumi fights to wake Meme nearby.

Meme gets up from her bed, but in a state of sleep walking. She begins assaulting the manager with what appears to be some sort of drunken fighter style til eventually Meme falls back asleep next to Tsugumi. When all seems grim, a random girl from the dorm appears and drop kicks the manager and knocks her out. After scolding the girls for making too much noise, she drags the manager out of the room.

e2souleaternot2The next day, Tsugumi meets up with the girl who saved her the night before. While Tsugumi thanks her, the girl responds by asking for money to compensate her favor. This leaves Tsugumi without any of her weekly allowance from the school. Though she believes Meme and Anya can save her if she can only talk them into a portion for food.

Unfortunately when she returns to her room she finds Anya had blown all her money (as well as her family crest) on buying random items from the nearby market and a large tanuki statue she calls Josephine. Meme on the other hand had just lost her money altogether due to her forgetfulness.

Seeing as they now have no money for food, they decide to apply at a local maid cafe to make some much-needed cash. Not only are they applied, but a couple of men from their class apply as well. Tsugumi seems quite lacking in balance for the job and Meme is as usual very forgetful, while Anya on the other hand seems like a seasoned pro.

Following their job at the cafe, each of the girls end up buying some things to celebrate. Anya gives everyone a taiyaki while Tsugumi buys Anya a new crest for her outfit in the shape of a skull. Since Anya played the selling of her crest off as it being lost.

When I first seen the PV for this series I already had so many preconceived notions about how this series would pan out. I assumed it would be loli trope filled garbage with Soul Eater’s name tacked onto it. As mentioned in my Episode 1 impressions, I was shocked about how wrong I was. I honestly enjoyed it.

Enter episode 2 where all of my fears and doubts for this series suddenly came true. This episode was an absolute waste of time and had zero content in it whatsoever. We introduced the girls into their typical girls dorm, put in the typical ghost scared situation (witch in this case), put the protagonist in a typical sharing bed situation, then had a typical money wasting scenario followed by a typical maid cafe situation. Did I miss anything?

The fluffy girly school setting maid cafe bore-fest has begun. I hope this was a fluke and we can bring ourselves out of this mud.

Episode 2: Girls’ Dorm a la Carte





  • Trope filled
  • Boring
  • No substance
  • Fears are born


  • Tarot cards was comical

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By wolf, April 16, 2014 @ 6:54 am

    Sadly he is right. While we watched through this episode, about half way through i made the remark. well dang this is a waste of an episode. i did chuckle here and there but it didnt save it.

    there was absolutly nothing here. It did nothing with the world and barely any thing with the characters.

  • By Neowned, April 17, 2014 @ 8:40 am

    What a waste of an episode, a little worried that this show started trowing filler in at episode 2.

    *I was hoping that they would show some more of Tsugumi’s dagger legs, it reminds me of Claire from Claymore when she is battling the silver eyed king.

  • By Zeruel, April 17, 2014 @ 8:45 am

    I’m calling it, next episode is a hot spring episode, then beach, then cloth shopping, then pool, then farm with mud. It’s all coming into alignment!

  • By Wolf, April 17, 2014 @ 5:23 pm

    nooooo dont jynx it. its bad enough that im already getting let down but its only ep 2 let me have a little hope…

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