Episode 2 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


Following the tense moments of the premier of The Irregular at Magic High School, we get a closer glimpse into the ruling council. Even there we get a strong sense of the prejudice between Blooms and Weeds that make for some interesting decisions behind the scenes.

After accepting Tatsuya’s claims of the events that happened after school, under the Mayumi Saegusa’s suggestion Mari Watanabe allows the incident to slide under a warning. While she commends them for wanting to learn, they must leave the instruction to the school.

After the council president and disciplinary captain take their leave, Shun Morisaki says that he owes Tatsuya nothing. Following these, he leaves with his band of Course 1 students. Honoka Mitsui on the other hand thanks Tatsuya for helping defuse the situation and requests to walk to the station with them.

Along the way the students manage to discover that Tatsuya keeps Miyuki’s CAD (Casting Assistant Device) in working order. Since these are rather complicated tools used to channel spells from, this surprises the classmates. When Erika asks if Tatsuya could take a look at her CAD, he declines as he is not familiar with it. Once again, the group is impressed that they knew Erika’s baton was in fact a CAD.

The following day Mayumi confronts Tatsuya and Miyuki about having lunch together to discuss some things. When they arrive, they are introduced to the student council members. Treasurer Suzune Ichihaa, Disciplinary Committee Mari Watanabe, and secretary Azusa (A-chan) Nakajo. In this meeting the members request Miyuki to be a member.

e1irregular7Suddenly Miyuki stands from her chair and demands to know why Tatsuya is not being picked with his much higher scores overall. Suzune points out that there is an unwritten rule against members appointing Course 2 students to be members of the main student council. To appoint a Course 2 student, they would have to overrule years of leadership.

With this said, Miyuki apologizes and stands down. Though Mari Watanabe speaks up to have Tatsuya appointed as one of the members of the Disciplinary Committee. This pleases Mayumi and some fellow attendees as a method of getting around this unspoken rule against Course 2 students. Though Tatsuya questions his involvement with the committee as it would involve taking on conflicts that could involve magic. While the bell rings and cuts the conversation short, Mari promises they will discuss it in detail later.

In between their meetings, Tatsuya attends a training room with some fellow students. While they are a bit surprised by him being appointed to the Disciplinary Committee, they don’t seem opposed to it. As Tatsuya takes his turn at the magic training console, he finds his slow activation of the console to be dissatisfactory.

e1irregular2After school, Tatsuya and Miyuki arrive at the Student Council Office where they are reunited with the council members spoken to at lunch, but also with Vice President Gyobu Hattori. The VP spares no time in opposing Tatsuya by ignoring his presence and congratulating Miyuki on joining the council. While Tatsuya walks in expecting to decline the offer, Mari claims that he would best understand his duties if they go to the Disciplinary Committee building.

After Gyobu Hattori discovers the appointment of Tatsuya, he strongly opposes it. Claiming a Weed would not be able to handle any situation nor would it be wise to give one such powers. Mari feels Tatsuya’s ability to analyze spells as their being casted would be an invaluable asset. Gyobu finds this ability to be impossible as Essential Singularity-type activation sequences are loaded with data that measures hundreds of times beyond the human language.

During this argument, Miyuki speaks up to defend her brother’s abilities. Claiming that the entry exams didn’t properly measure his abilities and thus claiming him ineffective and a Weed is incorrect. When Guyobu questions her desire to defend a Weed, Tatsuya steps forward to challenge Guyobu to a match. Feeling it necessary to prove his sister’s judgement is not clouded.

e1irregular5At the sparring arena, Mari lays down the ground rules. No lethal or injuring abilities can be used and that no damage should be sustained by either side but minor sprains. Guyobu quickly analyzes what his attacks will be and feels confident that no Weed will ever stand up in a match against a Bloom. However when the match begins, even before Guyobu can get a spell off, Tatsuya in a blink of an eye moves behind Guyobu and fires a single shot. Knocking Guyobu to the ground and securing Tatsuya’s victory.

Another good episode for this show. We got an interesting look into the student council and yet more tension between Course 1 and Course 2 students. They are definitely laying on the discrimination thick and I’m curious where they take it from here.

I’m also curious of just how Tatsuya fits in amongst this entire world that is being created. He obviously can’t use a CAD, his powers measure low in testing, and yet he can teleport across a room in a blink of an eye. Then there’s the whole bit in episode one that he didn’t want his aura analyzed.

As many may know, I’m not a big fan of school setting anime.  It’s just an extremely overused setting for the world of anime.  That said, I haven’t found this series use of this trope too hindering.  Even though we spent a majority of this episode looking into a student council, it didn’t kill it for me.  Which is a good sign.  Still I hope that this show doesn’t stay rooted here and they take to exploring the overarching conflict more.  We just had WWIII!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Also, seeing Guyobu dirt napped was excellent. Trope rival has been put down!

Episode 2: Enrollment Part 2





  • Fantastic end
  • Decent suspense


  • Show keeping rooted in place

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, April 16, 2014 @ 11:59 am

    Well a decent episode but I am sold so far on the characters in the series, plus their outfits are well done in that they stand out against the background and look great. Kinda of a Infinite Stratos look with a better design and color.

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