Episode 3 Impressions: Black Bullet


The discrimination against Cursed Children is quite a driving force in the world of Black Bullet.  Despite them being the only thing that stands between man and the Gastrea.  Though we can’t always explain the mindset of mankind when it comes to the unexplained.  As Satomi struggles with this aspect, he’s also faced with the looming doom that will come with Hiruko Kagetane finding the catalyst that can destroy the great pillars.

Opening the show, Satomi expresses to Sumire Muroto his frustration over the discrimination against Cursed Children. While she brushes off his words, she mentions that some religious organizations see Gastrea as sent from god and that the Cursed Children are Agents of God serving as messengers between humans and Gastrea. Though this frustrates Satomi her words reach him when she speaks on how no one is there to help the many children left behind to learn how to be human.

As Satomi takes his leave he receives a phone call from Enju’s school claiming that she has appeared at the school. He rushes to find her being harassed by the children, claiming that her kind are at fault for the many deaths. Satomi comforts her and suggests she attend a new school, but Enju is determined to stay with her friends. However Satomi points out that they are no longer friends.

Satomi and Enju are then picked up by a helicopter to intercept a nearby Gastrea. Though upon spotting it, Enju leaps from the helicopter to engage the Gastrea. By the time Satomi catches up with her, she aggressively destroys the Gastrea. While Enju desperately seeks acceptance for destroying the Gastrea, obviously not wanting to fight anymore, Satomi assures her that even if everyone turns against her he will remain at her side.

Satomi notices the box containing the Seven Stars sitting amidst the remains of the Gastrea. When Satomi picks it up, he’s suddenly attacked by Hiruko Kagetane and Enju engages his daughter Kohina. While Satomi unleashes some techniques, he’s quickly shot several times and even crushed under a barrier spell that Hiruko releases. As he struggles to stay standing, he commands Enju to flee the area. Reluctantly Enju complies and dashes away, much to Kohina’s dissatisfaction. Though Kohina quickly turns her blades on Satomi and Hiruko finishes him off with a final shot.

e3blackbullet6Later Satomi awakens in a hospital bed with Kisara nearby. She explains that the Seven Star container is a catalyst that will summon a Stage Five Gastrea. A deadly and large beast that were present during the events 10 years prior. Most Gastrea birth at Stage One and evolve to Stage Four, but the Stage Five are outside of that process and pose a great threat as they are not effected by the pillars.

After getting filled in on the deployment of all Promoters and their Initiators, Satomi takes his leave from his room, but not before passing by Sumire Muroto. He mentions seeing memories of her working on him ten years prior when he was nearly killed then. She claims that she shouldn’t be forgiven for what she did to him, but he assures her that he holds no ill will towards her.

After all of the Promoters and Initiators are rounded up and transported to the ruined lands, they are dispatched on foot to find Hiruko. Along the way Satomi and Enju flee from a Stage Four Gastrea before stumbling upon Ikuma Shogen’s Initiator Senju Kayo alone in a building. Satomi notices that she’s injured and has Enju keep watch while he patches her up. He notices that her gun had been discharged and possibly the cause of a nearby explosion. This leads to her admitting that she was ordered by Ikuma to kill another group of people searching for Hiruko.

This upsets Satomi, despite Senju noting that she too sees wrong in it. Though she notices Satomi’s eyes and realizes that he too has killed a human. Their conversation is cut short when Senju receives orders from Ikuma via a radio. Commanding her, if she’s still alive, to report in. Knowing the location of Hiruko, Satomi along with Enju and Senju make their way to the fated battle.

While there was definitely some crazy moments in this episode, and rather dark moments, it suffered from quite a bit of pacing issues. This episode almost felt like a final or near final episode of a rushed series as it was flying all over the place at a fast pace. I couldn’t really get a feel of any mood in any situation because two dialog lines later I was thrust into a new setting.

This effected the moment Satomi died greatly as I had no moment to digest what really happened. I’m only left to believe that there is no weight to death in this show and that I shouldn’t care if anyone dies later. Painting immortality to the characters. It’s just bad writing, especially for only the third episode of the season.

Complaints aside, there was quite a bit of action and even more character building. I really enjoyed seeing more of Senju as I sort of fell for her last episode (too adorable). I think the contrast between her smarts and Ikuma’s brute personality is quite interesting.  On another note, I’m not entirely sure just how Satomi will manage to match up to Hiruko after being pummeled so badly. Unless of course his recent “revival” includes some upgrades. I was half expecting Satomi to be reborn under the same organization that rebuilt Hiruko.

Episode 3: The Children of Fate





  • Good character build
  • Interesting elements in play


  • Death being trivialized
  • Pacing issues

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, April 23, 2014 @ 10:48 am

    Loli Harem Army incoming, just kidding or am I? Yeah they completely glossed over some of the story which is why the pacing was off in those scenes that you mentioned. Still very interested in the story so hope we get more action and why is “masked villain” trying to destroy Tokyo? I am looking forward to the next episode.

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