Episode 3 Impressions: One Week Friends


The struggle between friends and memories continue as Hase fights to help remedy his new friend from her illness. By attempting to bring more people to meet Fujimiya, he may just cause more issues to the situation.

After Fujimiya spends an early morning cooking several flavors of eggs, Hase is overjoyed to try each and every one of them. However he struggles with the idea that Fujimiya should meet other people, despite his inner desire to have her all for himself. He proposes an idea to Fujimiya to meet other people, one being his friend Shogo who he believes they can trust with the knowledge of her affliction. After careful thought, Fujimiya places her trust in Hase and agrees to the idea.

After talking Shogo into meeting Fujimiya, he agrees to meet with them at lunch the next day. Shogo’s habit of speaking his mind comes across as fairly rude in Hase’s mind, so Hase has Shogo remain quiet as they eat. Though Shogo quickly gets a sense of Hase and Fujimiya’s bond as he questions them dating.

Following their meal, Hase explains Fujimiya’s situation to Shogo who seems to accept the concept at first. He points out the possibility that something dramatic may have happened in the past between her and her friends. However he turns the tables quickly and begins to suspect Fujimiya is lying in order to get attention. As Shogo questions Fujimiya, Hase refuses to sit aside and tells Shogo to leave. Before Shogo takes his leave he points out that Hase was doing all the talking and that Hase is too trusting Now alone with Fujimiya, Hase apologizes to her for his friend’s words.

The following day Fujimiya notes that the two friends are still at odds. When she expresses her concerns to Hase, he dismisses it and tells her that it will be fine. Even still, Fujimiya attempts to confront Shogo about their dispute, but she’s quickly shut down by another student barging in on their conversation. Though after leaving she realizes she left her memory notebook behind. When she attempts to retrieve it, she’s unable to bring the courage to entering the room where some students gossip about her and her notebook.

e3oneweekfriends9As she goes to leave, Shogo shows up and realizes why she won’t enter the room. He barges passed the gossiping girls and retrieves Fujimiya’s notebook. When the girls question if they are passing a love notebook, he points out the lowliness of their gossiping behind someone’s back and leaves the room. After handing Fujimiya her notebook back, he tells her that people don’t understand how important something is unless they are told. Taking his words to heart, she musters the courage to tell the gossiping girls why it’s important to her. That she doesn’t wish to go back to where she started or lose a friend she cares for.

The following Monday Hase once again asks Shogo to meet them on the roof at lunch in order to prove to him that Fujimiya is not lying. However it doesn’t take very long before things are settled. During math classes Fujimiya is called to the front to solve a equation but once she writes down the answer 18, she rushes out of the classroom with Hase following her. In the hallways she tells Hase that she remembers making eggs the previous week however still only knows him from her notebook. Hase yells for joy at the idea that she remembered something and claims that it’s a step in the right direction.

When Shogo finds them in the hallway, Fujimiya claims that she still remembers him. While this upsets Hase, Shogo soon points out that since he’s not a friend of hers, she would obviously still remember him. After gloating his friendship with Fujimiya, Shogo puts him in a headlock and the teacher arrives to question their behavior.

Yet another fantastic episode. I have to admit I always thought Shogo was awesome from the first episode, however I was really not liking him this round. Though that sort of changed later when he helped Fujimiya get her notebook and pointed out that she needs to speak up more than Hase. Which lead to her standing up to the girls and a really powerful moment for Fujimiya.

The moment Fujimiya told Hase that she remembered making eggs, I couldn’t help but fill as overjoyed as Hase was. The show, while not dark or overly serious, really managed to make me root for the characters. Which was apparent when I felt joy in this moment. I really love these characters and can’t wait for the introduction of the rest.

All that said, can I possibly skip the next episode?! The title is about fights between friends and I don’t know if I can take it!

Episode 3: Friends of Friends





  • Great character build
  • Good tension
  • Joyous conclusion


  • None

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