Episode 4 Impressions: Black Bullet


Hiruko Kagetane and his daughter Kohina have already proven themselves to be a very dangerous pair. As the battlefield is riddled with bodies of failed competition, it’s going to be left in Satomi’s hands as he reveals his last remaining trump card in his upcoming battle.

Upon arriving at their destination, Senju Kayo stays behind to hold off the pursuing Gastrea. But not before requesting that Satomi take care of her Promoter Ikuma Shogen. Agreeing to this, Satomi and Enju head into the battlefield before them. Sadly, they quickly run into Ikuma who is empaled by his own sword. Obviously defeated by the mocking Kagetane, both Enju and Satomi engage Hiruko Kagetane and his Initiator Kohina.

At the command center, Kisara enters and takes over command by request of Seitenshi. While other attendees fear Satomi cannot win against Kagetane, Kisara fills them in on an important bit of information. 10 years prior when the Gastrea first attacked, Satomi protected her by the cost of his right arm, right leg, as well as his left eye. Nearly dead, he was brought to Section 22 where he was worked on by Dr. Muroto Sumire. Turns out Rentaro is formerly from Ground Self-Defense Force’s Eastern Force. 787th Mechanization Special Unit of the New Humanity Creation Plan. His eye is robotic as well as his arm and leg are made from Varanium.

This aspect excites Kagetane who finally feels pain and being alive. He once again offers a partnership to Satomi, mentioning the fact of persecution against Enju. Though the world he offers is not one that Satomi desires so he refuses and exchanges blows. In a tactical manuever, Kagetane baits Satomi to shield Enju before dealing a fatal blow to his stomach. As Satomi bleeds out, he’s forced to use an experimental drug produced by Muroto Sumire. AGV drugs created from the Gastrea Virus that gives humans the regenerative abilities of Gastrea, but has a 20% chance to turn them into Gastrea themselves.

e4blackbullet6Taking the risk, he injects all of the syringes¬†into himself. After his eyes glow red, he regains himself and stands victorious before brutally dispatching Kagetane. After winning his fight, Satomi and Enju are left to look on as Kohina weeps for her father. Satomi claims she’s no longer an enemy.

Despite their victory, the Stage Five Gastrea is still summoned. Kisara commands Satomi to enter the nearby Linear Electromagnetic Projectile Device called Heaven’s Latter and fire it at the Gastrea. Though when they arrive the device is lacking any Varanium cells. Satomi comes to a realization of his only option. He removes his right arm, made of Varanium, and insert sit into the machine. After it’s given its required resource, Kisara notifies him that the device cannot be shot remotely. While Satomi struggles with fire mankind’s only hope, Enju gives him the self-assurance he needs. Taking aim, the two manage to fire Heaven’s Latter and destroy the Gastrea.

After the dust settles, Satomi discovers Senju Kayo. Having reached 50% corrosion, her damaged side seems to be breeding forth Gastrea cells. Senju requests that Satomi end her life while she’s still human. As Satomi raises his gun, she mentions his lack of friends and offers her friendship to him. In response, Satomi agrees and calls her an irreplaceable friend before firing a fatal shot.

Days later, Satomi confronts Tendo Kikunojo about his involvement with Kagetane. He claims that Kikunojo has a hatred for the Cursed Children, and in a response to Seitenshi’s call for Curse Children to be brought up in society he created an event that would stir people against them. Kikunojo attempts to explain his reasoning and how the Curse Children harbor the destruction of mankind, though Satomi leaves in disgust. However not before expression his still thankfulness for Kikunojo saving his life 10 years ago.

e4blackbullet3Later, Satomi questions Seitenshi about what she knows in regards to the Gastrea and what they are. While she refuses to answer, she claims that if Satomi raises in the ranks of the organization he could gain access to all the information he’d desire. About who he is and why he was born. As Satomi later meets up with Enju, she asks about her corrosion exam results. He lies to her stating that she’s only at 24.9%, however she’s in fact 42.1%. 7.2% remaining before saturation.

Similar to the last episode, I felt this episode was a bit off in pacing. Too many powerful moments that seemed to blend into each other. While many predictable moments were riddled about (including Satomi being another enhanced human), it was still a fairly powerful episode.

Seeing Senju Kayo fall was a bit sad for me. I really liked her as a character and would have favored her becoming a second Initiator for Satomi. Though that would probably lead to a bunch of loli jealousy fights in the later episodes if we are honest to ourselves.

It’s interesting to see the painted main antagonist fall so quickly, but let’s be honest.. he’s not really dead.

Episode 4: Black Bullet





  • Good action
  • Nice conclusions
  • Interesting developments


  • Bad pacing
  • Strong moments glossed over

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

  • By Neowned, May 1, 2014 @ 4:43 pm

    Loli triangle? Has that been done before?

    Yeah I was sad to see Senju die, she had such a strong presence on screen and would have played well against Enju’s character.

    Any good ideas on why the tricycle was a device to bring forth a level 5 Gastrea? Are they only produced by cursed children?

  • By Zeruel, May 2, 2014 @ 8:57 am

    I wasn’t sure if I needed to comment on it. Since it wasn’t really addressed at the end it was left up to too much speculation. On one hand, it could have just pointing out that there was nothing of importance in the box. That it was just a beacon to draw everyone in. On the otherhand it could have been as you said.

    I’m not sure if cursed children produce level 5s. They said that they haven’t seen a level 5 since 10 years ago. Ten years ago is when cursed children were beginning to be created on earth. So unless there was cursed children before the outbreak, that couldn’t be the case. And you would think that cursed children have seen 50% saturation points in the last 10 years. Not all of the children are gifted with regular drug administration.

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