Episode 4 Impressions: One Week Friends


After introducing Shogo to Fujimiya, it seemed as if the group was beginning to grow around Fujimiya. However this doesn’t stop Hase from dealing with a bit of jealousy as Fujimiya only seems to remember Shogo since he isn’t really her friend.

Before class begins, some fellow students question Fujimiya if the rumors are true that she knows Shogo. Possibly caused by him stepping up for her in retrieving her notebook the prior week. While she keeps quiet on the matter, Shogo is another case. As he’s question, he openly admits to probably being friends. This in effect leaves Hase filled with jealousy and in turn leads to a bit of an argument walking to school the following day. While Shogo doesn’t understand Hase’s frustration, Hase believed that he should have been the first to go public with their friendship.

During lunch later, Hase and Fujimiya eat alone on the roof. Hase mentions a return of a seal that has been spotted in the river nearby. Though Fujimiya takes the train home, Hase wishes he could take her to see it. The though of being seen leaving school together embarrasses Fujimiya, but she considers taking Shogo with them. The conversation quickly turns to Shogo and her belief that he isn’t such a bad guy. After speaking extensively on him, Hase gets filled with jealousy and asks her to stop talking about him. Noting that it’s “boring”. This upsets Fujimiya and leads her to leaving school early.

On her way home, Fujimiya is instinctively led to the riverbank where she sits and watches the river. After some time it begins to rain and she gathers her stuff to rush home. Though after being bumped into by a passing bike rider, she drops her stuff and inadvertently forgets her diary. Though she makes it home safely, in her exhaustion she falls over and knocks off her poster she created to remind her of her diary and Hase.

e4oneweekfriends9The following week, Fujimiya misses a day of school due to a fever. Not only that but when she finally makes it back to school on Tuesday she has completely forgotten everything about Hase. Hase snags her from class and attempts to apologize for his actions, but she claims he’s a dangerous person and has no diary. This leads Hase to believe that she had discarded her diary due to being angry at him the week before.

After ditching class with Shogo, Hase attempts to make sense of the situation. Thankfully, in the typical Shogo fashion, he gets some sense knocked into him. Shogo questions if Hase really believes that Fujimiya is that cold-hearted and that she’d honestly do something like that over one argument. With that said, Hase believes that Fujimiya may have lost her diary and thus he rushes out of the school to find it.

As Hase desperately searches for the diary, back at the school Shogo confronts Fujimiya. After Fujimiya admits remembering making eggs and eating together, Shogo realizes that she in fact can’t remember anything. When he questions if she remembered what she did after school the day they ate together, she replies that “someone” was getting something from the classroom that she had forgotten. While she realizes it was something important, Shogo leads her further by questioning what it was.

As Fujimiya struggles to remember, she’s hit with pain. Trying to stop her, Shogo attempts to tell her what it is. However Fujimiya tells him not to, that it’s something she herself should remember. Instead Shogo mentions that someone is looking for it for her. She realizes that it was the boy from that morning (Hase).

e4oneweekfriends7The following day Hase is absent from school. While Fujimiya doesn’t realize why, later at lunch she recalls something important about the riverbank as she looks upon it from the rooftop. She springs to her feet and rushes off to find Hase covered in mud and searching about the grass. When she questions why and what he’s searching for so desperately, he replies that it’s something important. When she asks who it’s important for him or someone else, he realizes that it’s both.

As Hase continues his search, Fujimiya waits nearby on the steps seemingly praying that he’ll find what he’s looking for. Suddenly Hase slips and falls causing Fujimiya to cry out “Hase-kun.” Hase realizes that how she referred to him, possibly remembering him but also that he stumbled on her diary. Handing it over, Fujimiya simple imbraces it instead of reading it. Already knowing that it’s the important thing she was trying to remember. She thanks Hase for helping him and enduring all of the scratches in the process.

Oh Isshuukan Friends, how you tug at my heart-strings every week. I was a bit frustrated at the start by Hase’s childish attitude, but sort of understood his reasoning. Being as he’s struggled so long to be remembered and yet his friend is still remembered.

It’s interesting to note that Fujimiya had not only forgotten her important diary, but that Shogo was the person that went into the classroom to retrieve it for her. It’s wasn’t really touched on, but at that moment it was confirmed that during that ordeal she seen Shogo as a friend.

e4oneweekfriends5When the show hit its final moments, I have to admit that I had some tears wanting to take on some sky diving lessons. Just a mixture of Fujimiya realizing something about the riverbank, rushing out to find out what, and the musical score following suit. It was a great moment. Only topped by the great moment Hase and Fujimiya shared.

If I had to force a complaint, to be honest the poster being conveniently knocked down and falling under her bed was a bit silly. It would have been better suited if maybe she spent the night in the living room or her mom’s room sick. But hey, that’s just struggling for a complaint. It was still a great episode through and through!

Episode 4: Fighting With Friends





  • Tear grabbing moments
  • Great drama
  • Great music


  • None

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